My First 3 Looks of Festival Season

Festival season is here! Whether you are traveling across the country, staying local, or going “glamping”, there is one important thing on every fashionista’s mind—”What. Am. I. Going. To Wear?”

The obvious: comfy shoes—for long days running from stage to stage turned to nights of endless dancing. Layers—once the sun goes down, the temperatures will drop (cue bass drop) and you may need a sweater. And last, sun protection—a hat and sunscreen will protect your gorgeous made-up face and delicate skin.

For a multi-day festival, especially one that’s out-of-town, packing may become overwhelming. And while you’re trying not to forget your toothbrush, hair products, and makeup pieces, getting festie-ready might be harder than you expected.

I’ve got a few key-looks to inspire your weekend wardrobe for what could be the highlight of your summer.

Look 1: Festival Goddess

Bohemian-chic inspired styling with florals and ruffles. An outfit might include a wrap-around skirt, romper, and neutral colors decorated with turquoise jewelry, floppy hats, and booties.

This is a timeless look you will see at every music festival. From Coachella to Lollapalooza, the Festival Goddess lives on. She is part moonchild and part wanderer, with a dash of modern to balance out her vintage look.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Boho Playsuit – $16.99 via 

Billabong Levi Vegan Suede Booties – $74.95 via 

Floppy Hat – $23.49 via Target 

Rose Quartz Aphrodite Necklace – $21.95 via


Look 2: Rave Bae

Ready to sit atop a pair of muscular shoulders in true rave fashion, this look is beautifully bright, sometimes neon, sometimes glow-in-the-dark, and quite practical. The Rave Bae lives at EDC, but she often ventures out to mix things up at other, less-EDM heavy scenarios.

No need to get a new crop top—consider rocking one of your fav bikini tops! Pair with your go-to high-waist or cut-off shorts, a backpack for your things, and pro-tip: if you were thinking of a bodysuit, try a statement one-piece instead… it’s waterproof (and inevitably sweatproof) so you can drench yourself in all those good vibes. This is a PLUR-approved message.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

Mermaid Crop Top- $28.99 via

An old pair of cut off shorts that I’ve had for years

Teva Sandals – $70 via

CamelBak DayStar Backpack – $85 via CamelBak

Look 3: Chill Mode

Grand finale aside, cute, comfy-casual is your best bet for day 3.

Chill Mode Chick likes moisture wicking yoga pants, graphic tees and hoodies, slides and tennis shoes. Get creative in your chill mode. Wear those fun, funky prints, bust out your tie-dye, and mask your messy hair with a trendy dad-hat.

Day 3 is also the perfect opportunity to wear the merch you just bought. Whether it’s The Governor’s Ball or BottleRock, remember… you want to be comfortable enough to call this the sleep-on-the-ride-home outfit too.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

The best yoga pants to ever exist (Beyond Yoga Spacedye High Waisted Leggings) – $97 via 

Support local artists – buy a t-shirt or sweater and wear it!

Classic Chuck Taylor Converse – $54.99 on

“Lit” Dad Hat – $8.66 via

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