03/29/2017 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:02PM J.I.D. “Lauder (prod. J. Cole)” from “Lauder (prod. J. Cole)”
10:04PM Gio Dee x IamSu “Can You Count” from “Time for a Story” Local
10:08PM Promnite “Ride Around (feat. Adam Vida)” from “Ride Around (feat. Adam Vida)” Local
10:12PM Amine “Redmercedes” from “REDMERCEDES” (2017)
10:14PM The Grouch “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” from “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” Local
10:20PM Tone Oliver “Hurt Yo Self” from “independent”
10:24PM The Cool Kids “Connect 4” from “Connect 4 – Single” on CAKE, LLC
10:27PM Samad Savage “Good Riddance” from “Good Riddance – Single” on Samad Savage
10:38PM Cadence Weapon “My Crew (Wooo)” from “My Crew (wooo)”
10:49PM Kweku Collins “International Business Trip” from “International Business Trip – Single” on Closed Sessions
11:00PM Half-A-Mil “The Hills (feat. Quentin Miller)” from “The Hills (feat. Quentin Miller) – Single” on Courtesy of half a mil
11:03PM Mansa “Red Button (feat. G-Eazy)” from “Red Button (feat. G-Eazy)”
11:09PM Rexx Life Raj “Boomin (prod. Drew Banga)” from “Boomin’ – Single” on Rexx Life Local
11:14PM Matt McGhee “Shea Butter Mami” from “Shea Butter Mami – Single” on dtla records
11:16PM Phay “Humble (Bang) [feat. Fat Trel & Kelechi]” from “Humble (Bang) [feat. Fat Trel & Kelechi] – Single” on Mamathebrand
11:20PM Trak “Nothing (Prod. Boom Beats)” from “Nothing (Prod. Boom Beats)”
11:25PM Bas “Housewives (feat. Ab-Soul) (Remix)” from “Housewives (Remix) [feat. Ab-Soul] – Single” on J. Cole/DreamVille
11:30PM GoldLink “Pray Everyday (Survivor’s Guilt)” from “Pray Everyday (Survivor’s Guilt)”
11:32PM J. Lately “Smoke Less (prod. Space Cadet)” from “The Good Panda EP” Local
11:37PM ST Spittin “Something To Be Mad At” from “Something To Be Mad At” Local
11:42PM Finding Noyvon & J.Kelr “Whole Fade (ft. Chuck Inglish)” from “Whole Fade (ft. Chuck Inglish)” (2016) on RELLEK RECORDS/SO COLD RECORDS
11:44PM Chuuwee “Hope” from “Hope”
11:48PM Sahtyre “Grammy (prod. Chase Moore)” from “Grammy (prod. Chase Moore)”
11:51PM Kasey Jones “@ Me (feat. Matt McGhee)” from “@ Me (feat. Matt Mcghee)”
11:58PM P-LO “Template” from “Template – Single” on HBK Gang / P-Lo Local
11:59PM Zion I “Smoked” from “The Labyrinth – EP” Local
12:04AM Chuck Inglish “drops” from “Droptops EP”
12:06AM Pac Div “Posted” from “The Div / GMB” on RBC Records
12:10AM Azure “?????? (ft. Iamsu!)” from “leap year” (2016) on Friend Card Local
12:13AM Russ “Take It All In (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Take It All In (feat. Rexx Life Raj) – Single” on Russ My Way Inc
12:17AM GoldLink “Meditation (feat. Jazmine Sullivan & KAYTRANADA)” from “Meditation (feat. Jazmine Sullivan & KAYTRANADA)”
12:19AM Down 2 Earth “Powers ft. Simmi” from “wildfire” on Ineffable Records Local
12:26AM Deuce Eclipse & J.Lately “Raised On the Blues” from “The Setup” on Mind Over Matter Local
12:30AM Flatbush Zombies “Babel” from “Babel”
12:33AM Hieroglyhics “Fantasy Island” from “Full Circle” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings Local
12:37AM Pep Love “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us (feat. Opio)” from “The Rigmarole” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Local
12:41AM Souls of Mischief “There Is Only Now (feat. Snoop Dogg)” from “There Is Only Now (feat. Snoop Dogg)” Local
12:46AM Tajai “Do It (Radio)” from “Do It b/w The Weatherman” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Local
12:50AM Casual “Hip Hop Chicks” from “He Still Think He Raw” on F.B.M.G./Hiero Imperium/Fresh In The Flesh Local
12:56AM Opio “Big Shit ft. Casual & A-Plus” from “Masterpiece Theatre” Local
12:59AM Del the Funky Homosapien “Bubble Pop” from “The 11th hour” Local
01:04AM A-Plus “My Friends” from “Pepper Spray” Local
01:07AM Hieroglyhics “Phesto D” from “3rd Eye Vision” Local
01:10AM AG Cubano & Young Gully “Live Like This” from “Live Like This – Single” on GT Digital Local
01:13AM The Jacka & Husalah “money” from “Explosive Mode 3” Local
01:17AM J.I.D. “Never” from “Never”
01:22AM Page Kennedy “Assassins (feat. Fred the Godson & Elzhi)” from “Torn Pages” on Kennedy Ent
01:26AM Sayknowledge “Art Goons (feat. Cashius Green) (Prod Mars Today)” from “Art Goons (feat. Cashius Green) (Prod Mars Today)” Local
01:29AM Steve Shankle “Ghetto Renaissance 2” from “Ghetto Renaissance 2” Local
01:31AM ZIGGY “Bounce (prod. Krikit Boi)” from “Bounce (prod. Krikit Boi)” Local
01:34AM Tobilla Muffin “New Sweater” from “New Sweater – Single” on Repost Network
01:37AM MadeinTYO “Gwinnett” from “Thank You, Mr. Tokyo” (2016) on Private Club Records
01:41AM The Barhemian “Labor Day Chillin'” from “Labor Day Chillin’ (Single)” Local
01:43AM Julia Lewis “Awfully Close (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Awfully Close (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” Local
01:45AM Illa “We Out” from “We Out” Local
01:50AM KOS “Can I Call You (ft. Zo)” from “Can I Call You (ft. Zo)”
01:54AM RBC Bugzy “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” Local
01:58AM Run the Jewels “Hey Kids (Bumaye) [feat. Danny Brown]” from “Run the Jewels 3” (2017) on Run The Jewels, Inc.

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