New Additions to #SCMF May Need Some Work, But VIP Perks Were Worth It

The Santa Cruz Music Festival concludes another year of magic, music, and memories. The music was great, especially if you got there early. The new additions were quite the upgrade from previous years. And the vibes were absolutely perfect despite the usual (and expected) backend chaos.

San Lorenzo Park was one of my favorite new additions to the festival especially considering the gorgeous weather we had. It was home to the Bounce Stage and majority of the House Music over the course of the weekend (fun fact: this was the the SAME Bounce Stage I saw at Serenity Gathering 2018, LOL. WHAT. A. COINCIDENCE.) but seeing how I like House, I hung out here most of the day. As you can see:

As much as I enjoyed the scenery, there were a few things about the park that caught me off guard. For one, the 21 and over wristbands included drink five tickets – not indicating free drinks – but that you only got five drinks in total. I was so confused. The drink tickets, only attached by perforated plastic, fell off my wrist within minutes of walking away from the security table that was checking IDs. The wristband clearly said “void if removed” so I thought, “no problem, I’m not a big drinker anyway.” I didn’t see a trash can so I shoved the voided drink tickets into my pocket. 

Later, someone told me that the drink tickets fell off everyone and so many people complained that security asked people to remove the drink tickets and put them in a pocket so that they wouldn’t fall off (*eye roll*). I asked the woman putting on wristbands AND the security guard next to the bar if this was true and they were both clueless, but, low and behold, I stood in line for a drink and my detached ticket worked! It was unclear is the drink tickets were expected to be used solely at San Lorenzo Park or if it was for the entire festival, and despite asking several workers, that was something I had to find out myself after leaving the park on the first day. Turns out, the other venues had no support of such tickets.

My advice to SCMF: if you want to implement new rules, it’s really important to have all the staff, workers, and grounds people on the same page about logistics like these. Some of us strive to follow the rules and lead by example, but if no one knows them, it’s really hard to do. I realize this new drink ticket thing was an effort to promote safety, but I spent about an hour walking around and asking workers things that I had to figure out myself. 

To make up for this jaunt, VIP wristbands got free drinks at the park so, despite all the wondering and wandering, those who had VIP were seemingly unbothered by the lack of information on the five-drink rule. 

The Civic Auditorium Saturday night

Another new feature the festival added was the afterparties both nights at Paradox. The music was great and the sound quality in the ballroom was impeccable. People seemed to enjoy themselves – I know I did, but locals complained about the headliners performing at the afterparties. I overheard a woman say “I’m from here, why would I pay so much to see an artist from Santa Cruz when they were just performing here for free a few months ago?” That’s something I never thought about but could agree with. I bet more and more people would have purchased the complete VIP package if the names on the afterparty lineup were more “mainstream,” but hey, you can’t please everyone and I personally enjoy the intimacy of local, underground, or independent artists.

Overall, I made some great memories with great people. On the backend of things, the new Media Lounge was cool, quirky, and conveniently located. People who do this often expect (to an extent) to be sent in all directions on the first day just to find where to check in and get wristbands so this was smooth compared to other festivals and previous years. The Desert Hearts lineup on Sunday was enough to convince me to go to City Hearts next month. My friends that performed at various venues on Saturday and Sunday killed it. And, I reached my step count tenfold. 10/10 will return next year.

The Santa Cruz Music Festival Returns Next Weekend

The Santa Cruz Music Festival is back with more venues, which means more stages, and yes – more music! The last few years, the festival was held in the cold, wet months of February and March, but a new Fall date (this weekend: October 19th & 20th) gives hope for sunshine and thus, smiles. 

Besides better weather, the date change has allowed festival organizers to be more deliberate in their planning with several extra months to coordinate talent and logistics. What does that mean for you? Well, generally… a better experience. 

This year has a lot to offer! In addition to the long lineup of hand-selected artists, there are plenty of ticket options for every type of visitor. To start, VIP ticket options come with free drinks from participating bars throughout the festival, free gifts from select sponsors, and access to all the after-parties. If that’s not your style, then there are Full Experience Passes and ParkPlus Passes, as well as one-day passes available too. 

Now that the set times have been released, let’s talk about music. Chances are you already know who Hippie Sabotage and Jai Wolf are so what are you filling your day with leading up to this?

After studying the lineup, here are my recommendations (and where you will be able to find me all weekend).

On Saturday, in order by set times:

4:00 PM – 5:00 PM – San Lorenzo Park – Worthy

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM – San Lorenzo Park – Christian Martin 

If you’ve ever heard of the Smile High Club, then you have got to check out their takeover upstairs at the Catalyst! It will be a mix of House, Soul, Funk, Bass Music, and who knows, you might even get a mix of some Hip-Hop if you’re lucky!

7:15 PM – 8:30 PM – Catalyst (Upstairs) – Jarrad Cleofé B2B Stripess

8:15 PM – 9:00 PM – Catalyst (Upstairs) – Olswel 

9:00 PM – 9:30 PM – Catalyst (Upstairs) – Tokay 

9:30 PM – 10:00 PM – Catalyst (Upstairs) – Thedemiurg3

At 10:00, you are going to have to make a run for it, if you want to catch the following artists who are set to perform within the same hour. Since Surf City Billiards and the Catalyst are about a block from each other, start there. And then make your way to the Civic Auditorium. 

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Smasheltooth

10:00 PM – 11:00 PM – Catalyst (Atrium) – Sumthin Sumthin

10:00 PM – 11: 00 PM – Civic Auditorium – Louis Futon

Make sure to get a good night’s rest because Sunday is the day we do our HOUSEWORK and that means we will be dancing all day and night! 

On Sunday, in order by set times:

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – San Lorenzo Park – RYBO

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM – San Lorenzo Park – Lubelski

3:00 PM – 4:30 PM – San Lorenzo Park – Porky

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM – San Lorenzo Park – Mikey Lion

Did someone say, “Desert Hearts” because it sounds like we are going to be getting really HOUSEY in the park and under the sun for this 5-hour block! But wait… there’s more.

6:00 PM – 7:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Oszo

7:00 PM – 8:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Anthony Zmoda

8:00 PM – 9:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Nico Crespo

9:00 PM – 10:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Ryan Lincoln

10: 00 PM – 11:00 PM – Surf City Billiards – Ugly Girls in Miami B2B DJ Yosemite

11:00 PM – 12:30 PM – Surf City Billiards – Miss Dre

Santa Cruz’s own, Spicy Boys Club is taking over the last night at the Billiards and they are sure to bring you every variation of House Music you can think of. Each DJ brings their own flavor, but you can be sure that each flavor is extra spicy. Come close out your night with these metaphoric peppers and find out why hot sauce goes so well with House Music.

Every year, Santa Cruz Music Festival brings together tons of local, independent talent. Take this time to discover a few new artists, producers, or DJs and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your music library develops.

Let’s make sure we all have a great time! Here are some last minute tips to ensure a smooth weekend.

  • Ticketing booths open at 11:00 AM on Elm Street and 12:00 PM at San Lorenzo Park each day.
  • Arrive early because parking will be limited. Bring coins/cash because meters, parking garages, and lots have fees. Even better, take an Uber or Lyft, or public transportation.
  • Wear walking shoes – it’s about a 10-15 minute walk from San Lorenzo Park to Pacific Ave. where most of the other venues are located and it’s another 10-minute walk from Pacific Ave. to the Civic Auditorium.
  • Lead by example. Pick up after yourself. Watch out for one another.

Make sure to follow @santacruzmusicfestival on Instagram to stay up to date on festival news. See you on the dance floor!

If you still don’t have a ticket, use code SPICYBOYSCLUB for a discount!

Santa Cruz Music Festival 2018

A Vibe Called WHAT – Episode 9 – 11/22/2018 06:00PM to 10:00PM

06:00PM Gera “Ooh aah” from “Elements Vol. 5: Mars” (2018) on Smile High Club
06:03PM Wylse “blue skies” from “Elements Vol. 5: Mars” on Smile High Club
06:06PM Jack Cates “lazy bones” from “Elements Vol. 5: Mars” on Smile High Club
06:08PM Hakobo “Closely” from “Elements Vol. 5: Mars” on The Smile High Club
06:12PM DJ Pone “M.F.C” from “Radiant” on PONAR
06:18PM NGHTMRE & Slander “Gud Vibrations” from “Gud Vibrations – Single” on Mad Decent
06:24PM Ookay “Thief (Flux Pavilion Remix)” from “Thief (Flux Pavilion Remix) – Single” on Astralwerks (US1A)
06:29PM Mick Jenkins “Understood” from “Pieces of a Man” on Cinematic Music Group
06:32PM Smino “L.M.F.” from “L.M.F. – Single” on Downtown JV
06:35PM Tobi Lou “orange” from “orange – Single” on Artclub / EMPIRE
06:39PM Joyryde “Damn ft. Freddie Gibbs” from “Damn ft. Freddie Gibbs”
06:42PM Vince Staples “Norf Norf” from “Summertime ’06” on Face the Music LLC/No I.D./IDJ
06:47PM Rufus Du Sol “Innerbloom” from “bloom” on Foreign Family Collective
06:57PM Vanilla Ace “Whistle Blower” from “Whistle Blower – Single” on Spinnin’ Deep
07:02PM DJ S.K.T “Jack That Jack (feat. Pepper Rose)” from “Jack That Jack – Single” on Defected Records
07:06PM Fisher “Crowd Control (Extended Mix)” from “Crowd Control – Single” on etcetc Music
07:09PM Gorgon City “Smile (feat. Elderbrook) (Walker & Royce Remix)” from “Smile (feat. Elderbrook) [Walker & Royce Remix] – Single” on Virgin EMI
07:16PM Hot Since 82 “Like You” from “Like You”
07:20PM Birocratic “Holy Smokes” from “Sundae Sauuce Presents: Chocolate Drizzle” on Sundae Sauuce
07:24PM Evan “So Fine ft. Falcxne” from “So Fine ft. Falcxne”
07:29PM Bungalow “Sounds So Nice” from “Sundae Sauuce Presents: Chocolate Drizzle” (2018) on Sundae Sauuce
07:32PM Pastel “Vagabond” from “Sundae Sauuce Presents: Chocolate Drizzle” on Sundae Sauuce
07:34PM San Holo “lift me from the ground (feat. Sofie Winterson)” from “album1” on bitbird
07:39PM Diplo “Get It Right (Remix) [feat. MØ & GoldLink] (Remix)” from “Get It Right (Remix) [feat. MØ & GoldLink] – Single” on Because Music
07:41PM ZEDS DEAD “Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacey)” from “Lost You (feat. Twin Shadow & D’Angelo Lacey) – Single” on Epic Amsterdam
07:46PM Shiba San & Tim Baresko “All I Need (Extended Mix)” from “All I Need (Extended Mix) – Single” on DFTD
07:49PM SUMR CAMP “over” from “Over – Single” on SUMR CAMP
07:52PM Zac Samuel “losing you” from “Losing You – Single” on Polydor Ltd.
07:58PM Disclosure “You and Me (Flume Remix)” from “You and Me (Flume Remix)”
08:01PM Lane 8 “Clarify (feat. Fractures)” from “Little By Little” (2018) on This Never Happened
08:05PM ODESZA “Bloom (Lane 8 Remix)” from “Bloom (Lane 8 Remix) – Single” on Counter Records
08:11PM Duke Dumont & Gorgon City “Real Life (feat. Naations)” from “Real Life (feat. Naations) – Single” on Virgin EMI
08:18PM Fisher “Losing it” from “Losing It – Single” on Catch & Release
08:24PM KRANE & Alexander Lewis “fall apart” from “Fall Apart – Single” on KRANE
08:27PM TroyBoi “Afterhours (feat. Diplo & Nina Sky)” from “Afterhours (feat. Diplo & Nina Sky) – Single” on Mad Decent
08:30PM ZHU “My Life” from “RINGOS DESERT PT.1”
08:35PM San Holo “Forever Free (feat. Duskus)” from “album1” on bitbird
08:42PM Rufus Du Sol “no place” from “Solace” on Sony Music Entertainment
08:46PM Jared Jackson “Rinse” from “Soulection White Label: 022” (2018) on Soulection
08:50PM Zenaware “why…” from “Pavement”
08:55PM Chromonicci “Cerulean.” from “Cerulean. – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:00PM Tabz & Proche “aurora” from “Pavement” (2018) on Phuture Collective
09:02PM Himmel “bet” from “Bet – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:06PM Lizdek & Mr.L “shade” from “Shade – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:10PM Duan “Bloom (feat. Julia Lostrom) (Quiet Bison Remix)” from “Bloom (feat. Julia Lostrom) (Quiet Bison Remix)”
09:14PM Capshun “past” from “Past – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:17PM Underscores “Throwing Tantrums While the Car’s Parked” from “Throwing Tantrums While the Car’s Parked – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:20PM Alex Martian “no time” from “No Time – Single” on Phuture Collective
09:26PM Catz ‘n Dogz “drop it” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
09:30PM Secondcity & Tyler Rowe “I Enter” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
09:35PM Ghostea “Breathing Room” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
09:40PM Christian Martin “Martian Landing” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
09:44PM Nick Olivetti & Alli Borem “Da Noyz” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
09:47PM Justin Jay “Le voyou” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird
10:00PM Galen “Icancu” from “Dirtybird BBQ” on dirtybird Local