Electronic Press Kits

Artists, Models, TV/Radio Personalities, DJs, Public Figures, Influencers… Do you have an EPK?

An EPK – or Electronic Press Kit – is a set of promotional materials for journalists, writers, and media professionals to use when featuring you or your brand in their marketing efforts, social media campaigns, blogs, or advertisements. Generally, an EPK includes:

  • A biography, background, or “about me”
  • High-resolution, original photos
  • Music (cleaned for radio play)
  • Quotes, awards, or accomplishments (if applicable)
  • Embedded links to your website, socials, videos, merchandise, etc.

Most importantly, this information is displayed in a way that allows readers to easily skim for information they want/need for the publication they are working on.

Why are Electronic Press Kits important?

  • To ensure the information forecasted to represent you, your brand, or your music is correct in any published content.
  • Since writers and publicists work on a strict (and short) deadline, you don’t want to miss your window of opportunity because you didn’t have the requested materials organized and readily available.
  • For independent artists, EPK’s are crucial because they allow you to follow the industry’s best practices and live up to the expected standard.

How I can help…

I am a writer:

  • I have my AA degree in English Language and my BA in English with a concentration in Professional and Technical Writing. I assure you my writing is clear and concise.
  • At my “9-5” I am a Senior Copywriter.
  • You can check out my published work in the East Bay Express or various Music Festivals I have covered.
  • I can write in the style, tone, and diction wanted by other writers, journalists, and publicists.

I am also a photographer:

  • I shoot with a Canon EOS Rebel T6.
  • I am flexible with setting and I aspire to execute your creative ideas to convey the scene and imagery wanted in your photos.
  • All photos included in your EPK are edited for you and do not contain a watermark.
  • Browse my page to see my work.

I can clean music for radio play:

  • I use an audio editing software called Audacity that reverses words/phrases deemed unacceptable by the FCC.
  • Through my experience as a Radio DJ at 90.5 FM KSJS, I am fully knowledgeable of the rules and regulations set forth by the FCC.

I am versatile:

  • Each Electronic Press Kit is different I will customize yours based on your wishes.
  • I only price based on what you need so if you already have photos or clean music, for example, your rate will be less.
  • I can format Electronic Press Kits to be in email form, or formatted to be included as a menu option on your website, or both.
  • Depending on how much content you need, turn-around time is about one week.
  • You will review all material before it is finalized.
  • Once it’s made, updating your EPK is easy!

For pricing and inquires, please email AVCWblog@gmail.com

Subject line: EPK