05/09/2018 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM Prince Sole “Change Up (feat. Young Gully)” from “Hope All Is Well” on DreemTeemMusic Local
10:02PM Cal-A “We Straight (feat ALLBLACK)” from “We Straight (feat ALLBLACK)” Local
10:05PM ZIGGY “Emotional (prod. Krikit Boi)” from “Khakis” Local
10:09PM Burnin Giraph “4 Free (ft. Waju & Richard Wright)” from “4 Free (ft. Waju & Richard Wright)”
10:14PM Audio Push “pump fake (Prod by Price & VNSN)” from “Pump Fake (Prod by Price & VNSN)”
10:19PM Legendvry “Would You Mind (feat. Beejus)” from “Insurance” on Legendvry Local
10:22PM Xavier “All We Know ft. Trizz” from “All We Know ft. Trizz”
10:26PM ZIGGY “DFW (prod. Cisco)” from “DFW (prod. Cisco)” Local
10:31PM Khary “Wifi (prod. Calev)” from “Wifi (prod. Calev)”
10:34PM Lush One “Say I Won’t (Feat. Chase Moore)” from “Say I Won’t (Feat. Chase Moore)”
10:38PM Ciscero “Function (feat. GoldLink, April George & Cheakaity)” from “Function (feat. GoldLink, April George & Cheakaity) – Single” on Believer Recordings
10:40PM Nave Suave “Hater Blockin” from “Swerve” on Nave Suave Local
10:45PM First Class “Well Deserved” from “Well Deserved – Single” (2018) on Self-Released Local
10:49PM Ymtk “Need (feat. Kezia)” from “Need (feat. Kezia) – Single” on Zapan Music
10:51PM Cam Gnarly “Highdrated” from “Highdrated – Single” on The Order Label
10:54PM SinSerious “The Ave.” from “The Ave.”
10:57PM Rich Iyala “DAMNWELL (prod. Krikit Boi & Mars Today)” from “DAMNWELL (prod. Krikit Boi & Mars Today)” Local
10:59PM AD “Darth Vader” from “Darth Vader – Single” (2018) on 2CC Baby / Swish MGMT / League Of Starz
11:04PM 1-O.A.K. “Give Up the Goods (feat. Shady Nate)” from “Give Up the Goods (feat. Shady Nate) – Single” (2018) on HNRL Music
11:06PM Kool John “Drippin’ (ft. Iamsu!, HBK Skipper & Hefna Guap)” from “Drippin’ (ft. Iamsu!, HBK Skipper & Hefna Guap)” Local
11:11PM Yung Kellz “Blossom” from “Blossom – Single” (2018) on Fire Hazard Records Local
11:13PM Nipsey Hussle “Dedication (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” from “Victory Lap” on Atlantic Records
11:15PM Tre Capital “Witness #HeroSeason (prod. Mathaius Young)” from “Witness #HeroSeason (prod. Mathaius Young)”
11:19PM Matty Slims “Say Nothin (ft. Motive Yaypes & the Barhemian)” from “Say Nothin (ft. Motive Yaypes & the Barhemian)” Local
11:22PM Austin Marc “Back Up Plan (feat. Sophie Meiers & Tyler Coolidge)” from “Back Up Plan (feat. Sophie Meiers & Tyler Coolidge) – Single” on Austin Marc
11:25PM SOBxRBE “Anit Social” from “Anit Social” Local
11:30PM Chris Orrick “Bottom Feeders (feat. Fashawn)” from “Portraits” on Mello Music Group
11:33PM Warm Brew “Same page ft. Niko G4” from “Same Page ft. Niko G4”
11:37PM Flatbush Zombies “Headstones” from “Vacation In Hell” on Glorious Dead Recordings
11:42PM Blimes “Hot Damn (feat. Method Man)” from “Hot Damn (feat. Method Man) – Single” (2013) on Peach House
11:44PM Yates “Right Away (ft. Ziggy & Mac)” from “Right Away (ft. Ziggy & Mac)”
11:49AM Sa-Roc “Forever” from “Forever – Single” on Rhymesayers
11:56AM Lou Phelps “Come Inside (Ft. Jazz Cartier) (Prod. Kaytranada)” from “Come Inside (Ft. Jazz Cartier) (Prod. Kaytranada)”
12:00AM Buddy “Black (feat. A$AP Ferg)” from “Black (feat. A$AP Ferg) – Single” on Cool Lil Company, LLC/RCA Records
12:05AM RonnyJ “Snakes ft. Wifisfuneral” from “Snakes ft. Wifisfuneral”
12:10AM Larry June “Too Live Crew (feat. Chuck Inglish)” from “You’re Doing Good” on Warner Bros. Local
12:14AM Tobi Lou “Troop (feat. Smino)” from “Troop (feat. Smino) – Single” on Artclub / EMPIRE
12:17AM Smoke DZA “The Mood (feat. Joey Bada$$)” from “The Mood (feat. Joey Bada$$)”
12:20AM Phonte “Change Of Mind (ft. Freddie Gibbs)” from “No News Is Good News” on The Foreign Exchange Music
12:22AM Dirtbag Dan x AllDayDirt x Reverse Live “Ghost Blicky” from “DBD Show EP” (2018) on Self-Released
12:25AM Russ “Flip” from “Flip”
12:27AM Chuuwee & Khalisol “Tiger Woods” from “Passover” on Below System Records
12:30AM Cousin Stizz “500 Horses (prod. by Lil Rich)” from “Monda” on 2016
12:34AM Young Gully & DJ Fresh “Let Me Live (feat. Tay Off The Top)” from “Let Me Live (feat. Tay Off The Top)” Local
12:38AM Mistah Fab “6 Shots (prod. The Mekanix)” from “6 Shots (prod. The Mekanix)”
12:40AM Beejus & O.O.P.S “No Time but to Mob” from “No Time But to Mob” (2016) on FreeSpirit Local
12:43AM The Team “Can’t Lose (feat. Marc E. Bassy)” from “Hell of a Night 2” on Moe Doe Entertainment Local
12:48AM Fudge “In My Shoes (ft. Alex Mali)” from “Lady Parts” on Lex Records
12:50AM Mejon “Hatin On Me (feat. The Barhemian)” from “Hatin On Me (feat. The Barhemian)” on 665 Music Local
12:53AM Kembe X “Boomin (prod. by J-Louis)” from “Boomin (prod. by J-Louis)” (2016)
12:57AM Stro “Tell Me When to Go” from “Tell Me When to Go – Single” on GRADE A TRIBE RECORDS
01:00AM J.Lately “Smoke Less” from “The Good Panda” on The Unusual Suspects Company Local
01:04AM Finding Noyvon & J.Kelr “Whole Fade (ft. Chuck Inglish)” from “Whole Fade (ft. Chuck Inglish)” (2016) on RELLEK RECORDS/SO COLD RECORDS
01:06AM Sahtyre “Grammy (prod. Chase Moore)” from “Cassidy Howell” on Liquid Sound Design
01:10AM Constant Deviants “Reign Storms” from “Omerta” on SIX2SIX Records
01:15AM Warm Brew “No Time (feat. Sir and Hugh Augustine)” from “Diagnosis – EP” on Red Bull Records
01:21AM Termanology “Were Both Wrong” from “Were Both wrong”
01:24AM Mazzi & S.O.U.L. Purpose “Wyd” from “WYD”
01:26AM Mega Ran “The East Coast” from “The East Coast – Single” on Leedz Edutainment
01:28AM Marty Grimes “Animal (feat. Rexx Life Raj & Ymtk)” from “Animal (feat. Rexx Life Raj & Ymtk) – Single” on Grimes Records Local
01:32AM Bas “Housewives” from “Too High To Riot” (2016) on J. Cole/DreamVille
01:35AM Fashawn “Mother Amerikkka” from “Mother Amerikkka – Single” on Mass Appeal Records
01:39AM GrandBankss “Onwership (ft. Elujay)” from “Onwership (ft. Elujay)” Local
01:42AM Pac Div “Stoked” from “Stoked”
01:45AM Bari “Right Or Wrong (feat Benny & Lavish)” from “Right Or Wrong (feat Benny & Lavish)” on HomeTeam / Mo Betta / EMPIRE
01:49AM ALLBLACK “Road Run (ft. Shoreline Mafia)” from “Road Run (ft. Shoreline Mafia)”
01:51AM Odie “Night Terrific! (ft. Yaqob)” from “Night Terrific! (ft. Yaqob)” Local
01:53AM Nu (Basi x Mvck) “If Mama Knew Love” from “If Mama Knew Love”
01:56AM Dirtbag Dan “Sheet of Cid (feat. Fredo & Reverse Live)” from “Sheet of Cid (feat. Fredo & Reverse Live)”
01:58AM Sango “Khlorine (feat. Smino)” from “In the Comfort Of” on Last Gang

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