03/14/2018 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM SOBxRBE “Paramedic! ft. Kendrick Lamar” from “Paramedic! ft. Kendrick Lamar” Local
10:05PM Jay Rock “King’s Dead (ft. Kendrick Lamar, Future & James Blake)” from “Black Panther Soundtrack”
10:07PM Kool John “Drippin’ (ft. Iamsu!, HBK Skipper & Hefna Gwap)” from “Drippin’ (ft. Iamsu!, HBK Skipper & Hefna Gwap)” Local
10:13PM Yung Kellz “blossom” from “Blossom” Local
10:15PM Nipsey Hussle “Dedication (feat. Kendrick Lamar)” from “Victory Lap” on Atlantic Records
10:20PM Tre Capital “Witness #HeroSeason (prod. Mathaius Young)” from “Witness #HeroSeason (prod. Mathaius Young)”
10:23PM Audio Push “Pump Fake (Prod by Price & VNSN)” from “Pump Fake (Prod by Price & VNSN)”
10:26PM Drakeo The Ruler “Flu Flamming” from “Cold Devil” on Stinc Team
10:30PM Money Millz x Sarge x Bam Bino “Pole On Me” from “Pole On Me” Local
10:32PM Rich The Kid “Plug Walk” from “Plug Walk – Single” on Rich The Kid / (TDE/ISR PS)
10:35PM Vince Staples “745” from “Big Fish Theory” on Wav.house
10:40PM Pac Div “Posted (Remix)” from “The Div / GMB” on RBC Records
10:45PM Zion I “Human Being (BassNectar Edit)” from “Human Being (BassNectar Edit) – Single” on Live Up Records Local
10:47PM Denzel Curry “Zeltron 6 Billion (feat. Lil Ugly Mane)” from “13 – Ep” on Concord Loma Vista
10:50PM Sir Michael Rocks “Bag Emoji” from “Bag Emoji – Single” on Propelr Music
10:52PM Retch “Pop Me a Pint” from “Still Up” on Fast Money distributed by TSR
10:57PM ZIGGY “DFW (prod. Cisco)” from “DFW (prod. Cisco)” Local
11:02PM Rocky Bankz “Don’t Talk Nice To Me Now” from “Don’t Talk Nice To Me Now”
11:04PM Matty Slims “Say Nothin’ (feat. Motive Yaypes & the Barhemian)” from “Say Nothin’ (feat. Motive Yaypes & the Barhemian) – Single” on High Esteem Studio
11:09PM J.I.D. “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)” from “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)”
11:10PM SOBxRBE “Anti Social” from “Anti Social” Local
11:14PM Drakeo The Ruler “Out the Slums (feat. 03 Greedo)” from “Cold Devil” on Stinc Team
11:18PM A$AP Ferg “Plain Jane” from “Plain Jane”
11:23PM Cuban Doll “Bankrupt” from “Aaliyah Keef” on The 740 Project, LLC
11:28PM EARTHGANG “MARY (Prod. Childish Major)” from “MARY (Prod. Childish Major)”
11:32PM Joey Fatts “Do What You Need To (feat. Xavier Wulf & Maxo Kream)” from “Do What You Need To (feat. Xavier Wulf & Maxo Kream) – Single” on Cutthroat Records
11:36PM AR Wesley “Motion (prod. Mike Regal)” from “Motion (prod. Mike Regal)”
11:39PM YG “One Time Comin” from “Banging Hip Hop Beats, Vol. 2”
11:41PM Skipper “Right Time (feat. Iamsu!)” from “Prezidential” on HBK Gang / Skipper / EMPIRE Local
11:45PM Lulbearrubberband “Tennessee (prod. Drew Banga)” from “Lulbearrubberband – EP” Local
11:49PM Hugh Augustine “Blank Check (feat. Ray Wright)” from “Dubious” on The Order Label
11:55PM Warm Brew “Same Page” from “Same Page”
12:01AM Chuck Inglish “Drops” from “Droptops – EP” on Propelr Music/Sounds Like Fun
12:04AM Angelo Mota “Internet” from “Internet – Single” on Crystal Avenue
12:06AM Bato “On Earth (ft. JRobb)” from “On Earth (ft. JRobb)”
12:09AM Goldshards “Rain” from “Rain” Local
12:15AM Khalisol “Lemonade ft. Jasper” from “Lemonade ft. Jasper”
12:18AM Matt McGhee “Travail” from “Travail – Single” on dtla records
12:21AM ALLBLACK & DTB “Allwhite” from “Allwhite” Local
12:28AM Caleborate “Soul (Remix) [feat. Big K.R.I.T.]” from “Soul (Remix) [feat. Big K.R.I.T.] – Single” on TBKTR Local
12:31AM Musicbyko “Dream$” from “Dream$ – Single” on Raw Condition
12:35AM Kingbnjmn “Louie Bag” from “Midas – EP” on KINGBNJMN
12:38AM Frak “Feng Shui (feat. Kaly Jay)” from “Limewire ’03” on Wav.house
12:42AM Dirtbag Dan x AllDayDirt x Reverse Live “Ghost Blicky” from “DBD Show EP” Local
12:45AM Flammy Marciano “Run it Up” from “Run It Up” Local
12:48AM Mathaius Young “Stylist” from “Stylist”
12:51AM Tobilla “Fiji Water” from “Fiji Water – Single” on The Magna Media Group
12:55AM Legendvry “Would You Mind (feat. Beejus)” from “Insurance – Single” on Legendvry Local
01:00AM Xavier “All We Know ft. Trizz” from “All We Know ft. Trizz”
01:03AM Khary “Wifi (prod. Calev)” from “Wifi (prod. Calev)”
01:06AM Lush One “Say I Won’t (Feat. Chase Moore)” from “Say I Won’t (Feat. Chase Moore)”
01:11AM Ciscero “Function (feat. GoldLink, April George & Cheakaity)” from “Function (feat. GoldLink, April George & Cheakaity) – Single” on Believer Recordings
01:14AM Ymtk “Need (feat. Kezia)” from “Need (feat. Kezia) – Single” on Zapan Music
01:18AM Cam Gnarly “Highdrated” from “Highdrated – Single” on The Order Label
01:22AM SinSerious “The Ave.” from “The Ave.”
01:24AM Rich Iyala “DAMNWELL” from “Damnwell – Single” on Text Me Records
01:25AM T. Carriér “Never Come” from “Never Come – Single” on Black Money Music Group Local
01:30AM Smino “Pecans (feat. Terrace Martin)” from “Pecans (feat. Terrace Martin) – Single” on Downtown JV
01:34AM Franco$ & Clyde Shankle “The Rockies (prod. Ian Mckee)” from “The Rockies (prod. Ian Mckee)” Local
01:39AM Julia Lewis “Potential (ft. Rexx Life Raj, Ciscero & Mikos Da Gawd)” from “Potential (ft. Rexx Life Raj, Ciscero & Mikos Da Gawd)” Local
01:42AM Mozzy & Yhung T.O. “Excuse Me (feat. Dcmbr, Too $hort)” from “Excuse Me (feat. Dcmbr, Too $hort)” Local
01:44AM 03 Greedo “Rude” from “Rude”
01:48AM Nef The Pharaoh “Big Boss Chang” from “Big Boss Chang – Single” on KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE Local
01:50AM RBC Bugzy “Road Runnin’ (feat. AllBlack)” from “Road Runnin’ (feat. AllBlack)” Local
01:54AM Towkio “Symphony (feat. Teddy Jackson)” from “Symphony (feat. Teddy Jackson) – Single” on Towkio/Republic Records
01:58AM Trey Coastal “The Roof on Fire (feat. White Dave)” from “Third Rail – EP” on Franchise Digital Group LLC Local

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