11/01/2017 10:00PM to 01:00AM

10:04PM A$AP Mob “RAF (feat. A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, Quavo, Lil Uzi Vert & Frank Ocean)” from “Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy” on A$AP Worldwide/Polo Grounds Music/RCA Records
10:07PM Rich The Kid “New Freezer (ft. Kendrick Lamar)” from “New Freezer (ft. Kendrick Lamar)”
10:11PM Ymtk “In This Moment (feat. P-LO)” from “9Song.Wav” on Zapan Music Local
10:13PM Myles Parrish “What’s Really Good (prod. CAL-A)” from “What’s Really Good (prod. CAL-A)” Local
10:16PM Philthy Rich “Right Now (feat. SOB X RBE & Ziggy) (Bonus Track)” from “Sem God” on SCMMLLC / EMPIRE
10:20PM Kool John & P-LO “On One (feat. Iamsu!)” from “Moovie!” on Moovie! Local
10:25PM Mac Dre “Mafioso” from “Best of Mac Dre vol.3” on 36BRICKHOUSE Local
10:30PM Husalah “Wild Nyte (feat. Mac Dre & the Mob Figaz)” from “Tha Furly Ghost, Vol. 3” on Sumo Productions Local
10:33PM The Jacka & Husalah “Money” from “Explosive Mode 3” Local
10:35PM Rydah J Klyde “Selfmade” from “Priveledge” Local
10:39PM All Black “Collarbone ft. Lulbearrubberband” from “Collarbone ft. Lulbearrubberband” Local
10:43PM Aka Frank “In My Tank (ft. Cylde Carson & T.Carrier)” from “in My Tank (ft. Cylde Carson & T.Carrier)” Local
10:45PM Kodak Black “Roll in Peace (feat. XXXTENTACION)” from “Project Baby 2” on Atlantic Records
10:51PM Denzel Curry “Ultimate” from “32 Zel / Planet Shrooms” on C9
10:55PM Nef The Pharaoh “Bling Blaow (feat. Slimmy B)” from “Bling Blaow (feat. Slimmy B) – Single” on Sick Wid It / EMPIRE Local
10:59PM The Cool Kids “Symptoms of a Down (feat. Helios Hussain)” from “Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe” on Propelr Music
11:04PM New Track City “Right Now ft. Falon Sierra” from “Right Now ft. Falon Sierra”
11:08PM SOBxRBE (Slimmy B) “Don’t Lie To Me” from “Don’t Lie To Me” Local
11:10PM Rexx Life Raj “Burn Baby Burn (feat. Russ)” from “Father Figure 2: Flourish” on Rexx Life / EMPIRE Local
11:14PM Chase Moore “Camo ft. Fredo & Bobby Bucher” from “Camo ft. Fredo & Bobby Bucher”
11:20PM Chuuwee “Grand Master (feat. Casual D)” from “Sabbath” on Below System Records
11:23PM Johnny Clouds “Oh Wow (prod. Engelwood)” from “Oh Wow (prod. Engelwood)”
11:26PM Mayzin “No More” from “No More”
11:30PM Caleon Fox “Semi Cinematic” from “Semi Cinematic – Single” on effohhexx
11:33PM Dave Steezy “Meet Me (prod. 1-O.A.K.)” from “Meet Me (prod. 1-O.A.K.)” Local
11:36PM Drew Banga “Until We Alright (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Until We Alright (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” Local
11:38PM Craig White “Cake” from “Born for This” on 715274 Records DK2 Local
11:42PM Caleborate “Bankrobber” from “Bankrobber – Single” on TBKTR Local
11:45PM Warm Brew “Small Victories” from “Small Victories – Single” on Red Bull Records
11:50PM Bari “Ginsu” from “Ginsu”
11:53PM Beejus “Anti Hype prod. Derek Pope” from “Anti Hype – Single” on FreeSpirit Local
11:59PM Alex Wiley & Mike Gao “How Many Time (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Synthia, Pt. 1: Dial Tone” on Alex Wiley / EMPIRE Local
12:02AM Talib Kweli “Heads Up Eyes Open (feat. Rick Ross, Yummy Bingham)” from “Radio Silence” on Duck Down
12:05AM IDK “Pizza Shop Extended (with Yung Gleesh, DOOM & Del the Funky Homosapien)” from “IWASVERYBAD” on Commission Music
12:07AM ZIGGY “One (prod. Krikit-Boi)” from “One (prod. Krikit-Boi)” Local
12:10AM L’Orange “The Difference (feat. Blu & Elzhi)” from “The Ordinary Man” on Mello Music Group
12:13AM Xavier Omär “Runnin Round” from “Runnin’ Round – Single” on Never Sleep Music
12:19AM G-Worthy “Get Mine” from “Get mine”
12:21AM Smino “Sorbet (prod. Sango)” from “Sorbet (prod. Sango)”
12:25AM Jahkoy “Language of Love” from “Language of Love”
12:29AM Trizz “Lie Down prod. AC3 Beats” from “Lie Down prod. AC3 Beats”
12:32AM Big Krit “Confetti” from “Confetti”
12:35AM Ivan Ave “Steaming” from “Every Eye” on Jakarta
12:39AM Ambi Lyrics “Miss Me (feat. theMIND)” from “Miss Me (feat. theMIND) – Single” on Classick Studios
12:43AM Chuck II “Murder Scene” from “Murder Scene – Single” on Chuck II
12:47AM ThatFool Al “For You (Prod. Krikit Boi)” from “for you – Single” on Westacy Entertainment
12:50AM Ymtk “Show Love (Prod. Ekzakt)” from “Show Love (Prod. Ekzakt)” Local
12:54AM RBC Bugzy “Check (feat. City Shawn)” from “Check (feat. City Shawn)” Local
12:57AM Kelechi “Flowers (Intro)” from “Flowers (Intro) – Single” on STNDRD Music LLC
01:00AM Eileen Sho Ji “Show You (feat. Elujay)” from “Show You (feat. Elujay) – Single” on Yanjing Local

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