08/16/2017 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:03PM A Tribed Called Quest “Keep It Moving” from “Beats, Rhymes and Life”
10:06PM Action Bronson “Let Me Breathe” from “Let Me Breathe – Single” on Vice Records/Atlantic
10:10PM Kamaiyah “Build You Up” from “Build You Up – Single” on Interscope Local
10:15PM Gorillaz “Strobelite ft. Peven Everett” from “Humanz” (2017) on Parlophone Records
10:20PM Nef The Pharaoh “Bling Blaow (feat. Slimmy B)” from “Bling Blaow (feat. Slimmy B) – Single” on Sick Wid It / EMPIRE Local
10:24PM HBK P-lo “Goin to Work (DJ Ghost Twerk Remix)” from “The Bay Report Feb. 2014” Local
10:26PM Barclay Crenshaw & The Cool Kids “U Are In My System” from “U Are In My System”
10:29PM Jace & Ducko Mcflii “Rollin (feat. Iamsu)” from “Rollin (feat. Iamsu)” Local
10:32PM Ymtk “Heatwave (feat. Marty Grimes)” from “Heatwave (feat. Marty Grimes) – Single” on Zapan Music Local
10:38PM Gully “Sound of That” from “Sound of That” Local
10:42PM Lulbearrubberband “Game Changer (prod. Spencer Stevens)” from “Game Changer – Single” on Lulbearrubberband Local
10:45PM Husalah “Protect Your Soul (Prod. L Finguz)” from “Protect Your Soul (Prod. L Finguz)” Local
10:48PM Pac Div “Top Down (feat. Casey Veggies & Skeme)” from “The Div / GMB” on RBC Records
10:55PM Kero One & Azure “Let Me Show You” from “Kero & Azure” on Plug Label Local
10:59PM J. Lately “Better ft. Rey Resurreccion” from “Better ft. Rey Resurreccion” Local
11:03PM IAMSU “It’s Only One Way” from “6 Speed” on Eyes On Me LLC Local
11:04PM Khary “Trappin Demo (RIP philando Castile) (Prod KRS)” from “Trappin Demo (RIP philando Castile) (Prod KRS)”
11:06PM Cousin Stizz “All-Star (prod. Tee-Watt & M. Ali)” from “All-Star (prod. Tee-Watt & M. Ali)”
11:09PM J.I.D. “Hasta Luego” from “Hasta Luego – Single”
11:14PM Gas Crew (Ziggy x Yates) “G.A.S.” from “All In” Local
11:17PM The Barhemian “Nightmare on 10th St. (feat. Yung Kellz)” from “Nightmare on 10th St. (feat. Yung Kellz)” Local
11:23PM Lupe Fiasco “Dopamine Lit” from “Drogas Light” (2017) on 1st & 15/Thirty Tigers
11:25PM Clams Casino “All Nite (feat. Vince Staples)” from “32 Levels (Deluxe)” on Columbia
11:27PM Drakeo The Ruler “F*ck Being Humble ft. Yatta” from “F*ck Being Humble ft. Yatta” Local
11:30PM Tech N9ne “Get Off Me (feat. Problem & Darrein Safron)” from “Get Off Me (feat. Problem & Darrein Safron) – Single” on Strange Music, Inc
11:33PM Freddie Gibbs “Oil Money (feat. Chuck Inglish, Chip Tha Ripper, Bun B, Dan Auerbach)” from “Str8 Killa” on Decon / Gibbs Family
11:37PM Asher Roth “Wu Financial (feat. The Cool Kids)” from “Wu Financial (feat. The Cool Kids) – Single” on Retrohash
11:41PM ShaqIsDope “Power” from “Power – Single” on 2UP WorldWide
11:44PM Rayana Jay “Magic” from “Magic – Single” on All Angles Local
11:47PM Buddy x Kaytranada “Love or Something” from “Ocean & Montana”
11:50PM Tobilla Muffin “Wooh” from “Wooh – Single” on Repost Network
11:56PM Duckwrth “Around the World (prod. Channeltres & Sad Money)” from “Around the World (prod. Channeltres & Sad Money)”
11:59PM Azizi Gibson “Nintendo King” from “Nintendo King – Single” on PREHISTORIC
12:03AM Chuuwee “Perception” from “Perception – Single” on Below System Records
12:06AM Jthurston “Where I’m From (feat. Gully & Paidro Classic)” from “Where I’m From (feat. Gully & Paidro Classic) – Single” on Jthurston Local
12:14AM Beachboii “Rainy Days (feat. Slimmy B)” from “Face of the Youth” on Beachboii Local
12:15AM Mozzy “Momma We Made It (feat. Jay Rock)” from “1 Up Top Ahk” on Mozzy Records / EMPIRE
12:18AM Rexx Life Raj “Radio” from “Radio – Single” on Rexx Life / EMPIRE Local
12:22AM Meechy Darko “Gotta (prod. by The Architect)” from “Gotta (prod. by The Architect)”
12:27AM Nick Jame$ “Light It Up” from “Light It Up” Local
12:31AM RBC Bugzy “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” Local
12:33AM Phay “Humble (Bang) [feat. Fat Trel & Kelechi]” from “Humble (Bang) [feat. Fat Trel & Kelechi] – Single” on Mamathebrand
12:37AM Down 2 Earth “Atlantic” from “Sunburnt – EP” on Friend Card Local
12:39AM Sylvan LaCue “Guilt Trip” from “Guilt Trip – Single” on WiseUp & Co.
12:44AM All Black “Locker Room” from “Locker Room”
12:45AM Skyzoo “Bamboo” from “Peddler Themes” on First Generation Rich / EMPIRE
12:50AM Joey Bada$$ “Too Lit (prod. Statik Selektah)” from “Too Lit (prod. Statik Selektah)”
12:56AM Don Mykel “Return of the Don” from “Return of the Don”
01:00PM Nanna B “Golden ft. Hodgy” from “Golden ft. Hodgy”
01:04AM Alxznder.Twlve “Her Groove” from “Her Groove”
01:08AM Caleborate “Make Me & Take Me” from “Make Me & Take Me – Single” on TBKTR Local
01:13AM El-Shareef “Aliens” from “Aliens”
01:14AM Rexx Life Raj “Cookies” from “Hidden Clouds – EP” on Dead At 27 Local
01:19AM Big Twins “That’s Paper” from “The Infamous QB – On the Grill” on H.I RECORDZ
01:25AM J.I.D. “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)” from “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)”
01:28AM Elujay “Golden” from “Golden – Single” on Onetime! Local
01:30AM Pure Powers “Renaissance ft. Z-Man & Del The Funky Homosapien” from “Renaissance ft. Z-Man & Del The Funky Homosapien” Local
01:34AM Rexx Life Raj “Sundaze / Devin’s Song” from “Sundaze / Devin’s Song – Single” on Rexx Life / EMPIRE Local
01:38AM Asad Ill “ILMM ft. Sahtyre” from “ILMM ft. Sahtyre”
01:39AM Black Coal “Up Wylin prod. Ashton McCreight” from “Up Wylin prod. Ashton McCreight”
01:43AM The Barhemian “Today” from “Today” Local
01:47AM Open Mike Eagel “95 Radios” from “95 Radios”
01:52AM ThatFool Al “Respect (feat. The Barhemian)” from “Respect (feat. The Barhemian) – Single” on Westacy Entertainment Local
01:56AM G-Eazy “Wave (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Wave (feat. Rexx Life Raj) – Single” on BPG/RVG/RCA Records Local

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