02/15/2017 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM Zion I and The Grouch “Like A G ft. Los Rakas” from “Heroes In the City of Dope” on Om Records Local
10:04PM Clyde Shankle “Museum” from “Museum” Local
10:06PM Super Nike Nando “Hold Me Down” from “Hold Me Down – Single” on 630183 Records DK
10:12PM Black Coal “Up Wylin prod. Ashton McCreight” from “Up Wylin prod. Ashton McCreight”
10:16PM Hieroglyhics “Fantasy Island” from “Full Circle” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings Local
10:22PM IAMSU “The Way It Go” from “Eyes On Me EP” Local
10:24PM Amp Live “Ihearhiphop (feat. Planet Asia, Opio, Mike G, Gift of Gab, Codany Holiday)” from “Headphone Concerto (Bonus Tracks Edition)” on Modulor Local
10:32PM Russ “T’d Up” from “T’d Up – Single” (2016) on DIEMON
10:36PM RBC Bugzy “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Put On (ft. Rexx Life Raj)” Local
10:39PM Down 2 Earth “DNA” from “DNA” Local
10:45PM Clyde Carson “Gettin To It (ft. Keak Da Sneak)” from “Gettin To It (ft. Keak Da Sneak)” Local
10:49PM Young Gully “We Ain’t Hearin’ That (feat. Birch Boy Barie & Birch St. Wit It)” from “We Ain’t Hearin’ That (feat. Birch Boy Barie & Birch St. Wit It)” Local
10:51PM Take Money “They Choosin’ (feat. the Jacka)” from “The Eastside Show, Vol. 1” on Take Money Ent., LLC Local
10:57PM J.I.D. “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)” from “Bruuuh (prod. Willie B.)”
10:59PM Living Legends “2010 (feat. 3MG)” from “Legendary Music” on Legendary Music, LLC Local
11:04PM Barclay Crenshaw “U Are in My System (feat. The Cool Kids)” from “Barclay Crenshaw” on Stx&Brx
11:05PM X “Beast” from “Beast”
11:08PM Keak da Sneak “X2” from “Deified” on KOCH Records Local
11:12PM Kamaiyah “Out The Bottle (Feat. Zay) [Prod. By CT Beats]” from “A Good Night in the Ghetto” (2016) on Kamaiyah Local
11:15PM Traxamillion “Top Down (feat. Zion I)” from “The Slapp Addict” on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local
11:18PM Tone Oliver “Hurt Yo Self” from “Hurt Yo Self”
11:20PM Adam Vida “I’m Juiced (feat. Mr. Carmack)” from “I’m Juiced (feat. Mr. Carmack) – Single” on Thurl Records Local
11:26PM The Cool Kids “Connect 4” from “Connect 4 – Single” on CAKE, LLC
11:30PM Pac Div “Top Down (feat. Casey Veggies & Skeme)” from “The Div / GMB” on RBC Records
11:32PM Zion I “Human Being” from “Shadowboxing” on Live Up Records Local
11:41PM League Of Starz “The Faculty ft. Nef The Pharaoh, G Perico & AD” from “The Faculty ft. Nef The Pharaoh, G Perico & AD” Local
11:43PM MadeinTYO “Drip” from “Thank You, Mr. Tokyo” (2016) on Private Club Records
11:46PM Sir Michael Rocks “Francois” from “Banco” on 6 Cell Phones
11:49PM Chuck Inglish “Drops” from “Droptops EP”
11:54PM Pure Powers “Renaissance ft. Z-Man & Del The Funky Homosapien” from “Renaissance ft. Z-Man & Del The Funky Homosapien” Local
11:57PM Hieroglyphics “You Never Knew” from “3rd Eye Vision” (1998) on Hieroglyphics Imperium Local
12:01AM J. Lately “Shit Now ft. Space Cadet (prod. O.O.P.S.)” from “The Good Panda EP” Local
12:05AM Chuuwee “Dispersion (Wave)” from “Dispersion (Wave)”
12:09AM Maxo Kream “Grannies” from “Grannies – Single” on TSO Music Group
12:14AM Salsalino & AngleTeam Marvo “Long Run” from “Long Run – Single” on WalkerBoyz Entertainment Local
12:17AM Smino “Anita (prod. Monte Booker)” from “Anita (prod. Monte Booker)”
12:22AM Russ “Do It Myself” from “Do it Myself”
12:26AM Lou Phelps “Average (feat. Kallitechnis)” from “Average (feat. Kallitechnis) – Single” on HW&W Recordings, LLC
12:29AM ST Spittin “Run Around” from “Run Around – Single” on Monsters Ink Local
12:34AM Bless Ya Soul “Kings ft. G.I.F.T.” from “Kings ft. G.I.F.T.” Local
12:40AM Nobigdyl “Tree Tops” from “Tree Tops – Single” on indie tribe.
12:42AM Dread “100 Miles (prod. Txmmy)” from “100 Miles (prod. Txmmy)”
12:48AM Zion I x Locksmith “Peace (The Jacka Tribute)” from “Peace (The Jacka Tribute)” Local
12:50AM Kojo A x UnoHype “Chef Curry (ft. Aus Taylor x Yung Kyle)” from “Chef Curry (ft. Aus Taylor x Yung Kyle)”
12:51AM Legendvry “Adding Up (feat. Rexx Life Raj)” from “Adding Up (feat. Rexx Life Raj) – Single” on Legendvry
12:56AM Black EL “Vibez061116” from “Vibez061116”
12:59AM Tobilla Muffin “Wooh” from “Wooh”
01:02AM 6LACK “Ex Calling” from “Free 6LACK” on LVRN Records
01:06AM Fashawn “Mother” from “Mother”
01:09AM HBK CJ “Problem (feat. ST Spittin)” from “Speak My Peace” on CJM Records Local
01:13AM Calev “Pull Up ft. Emilio Rojas & Packard Browne” from “Pull Up ft. Emilio Rojas & Packard Browne”
01:18AM Assad Ill “ILMM ft. Sahtyre” from “ILMM ft. Sahtyre”
01:22AM The Grouch & Eligh “Teach Me the Way” from “Say G&E! (Deluxe Edition)” on G&E Music Local
01:26AM Living Legends “Rabbit Hole” from “Almost Famous” (2007) on Legendary Music, LLC Local
01:30AM Del the Funky Homosapien “Bubble Pop” from “The 11th hour” Local
01:36AM The Burnerz (Zumbi & The Are) “PEACE” from “The Burnerz”
01:39AM The Grouch “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” from “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” Local
01:44AM Saba “Monday to Monday” from “Monday to Monday – Single” on Pivot Gang
01:46AM Elujay “Golden” from “Golden – Single” on Onetime! Local
01:57AM A Tribe Called Quest “We the People…” from “We Got it from here… Thank You 4 Your Service” (2016) on Epic
01:59AM Jetpack Jones & Tone Oliver “Flip A Couple” from “Flip a Couple”

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