Feature Article Brainstorming

Although I haven’t fully decided on a topic, my interest is in music so I would like to incorporate hip-hop into this article.I have a huge background in radio, hip-hop music, and local and underground talent, so preferably I would keep the topic close to that. And, I have many friends and resources in the music business that I can use as examples to add different perspectives to this piece.

Perhaps I would like to write about a music group called “665 Music” that includes many of my friends. I think a unique take on this is simply that their group does more than just music. They throw parties, promote events, have photo and video projects and more. The thing that makes angle different is simply because “665 Music” is practically unheard of and their approach to making music and creating media is so different than the average upcoming artists.

My expertise matches my interest. My work in radio has opened my eyes to the production of music. With the “665” making hits all the time, this article would be not only be employing my expertise to convey such information, but also the expertise of the individuals within the music group. Because I also know about a lot of the past work this group has done, it would be new approach to art that has been curated within the “665”.

My perspective on this would be from a point of view that is fairly uncommon. Many people know about individuals in the group. However, many do not realize that there are rappers, singers, audio engineers, and they throw parties, organize business and collaboration events, etc. Most people do not see the group as a whole and I think they should. The only thing I don’t want to do is a end up writing a boring biography. I would need to include interesting facts, experiences, and insights to make this a “compelling” piece. But I think I like the angle of, “this is how these guys are doing it, and it’s working”.

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