Paragraph 1: Something you would give a negative review, written in first person (I may have had the worst pad thai in my life ant tee nee thai.)

I went to a hip-hop show, as I usually do on a Friday or Saturday night. BackBar SoFa hosts shows that usually cost $10 to $15 bucks to get into. Most of the time, I don’t pay because they consider me a “regular”. This particular Friday night, was one of those nights that a greedy promoter tried to make a profit off a half-ass, thrown together show. As I arrived, I realized what “event” was taking place. I saw tweets and posts with a lineup of unrealistic artists. But I immediately knew it was a joke when one of the artists on the lineup was actually out of town on tour. A friend of mine had an extra ticket so I did not pay to get in, however, I would not have paid $65 to get into any hip-hop show unless it was maybe 2Pac! As soon as we cleared the overly attentive security, a fight broke out on stage between the female DJ and dancer. The music stopped and a man began to announce his regrets that a few performers were unable to make it. People “boo-ed” and we left. I would mention the promoter’s name to warn you, but he hasn’t shown his face in San Jose since then.

Paragraph 2: Something you would give a positive review to, written entirely in third person. (Though the burritos at La Vic are pretty average, it’s their orange sauce that brings the crowds.)

Thousands of people filled the streets of Oakland for Hieroday 2016. With artists like Juvenile, Too Short, Dilated Peoples, Murs, and of course, Hieroglyphics, the narrow streets that housed the three stages were packed. Vendors lined the walkways. Beer was available near every corner. It was 12:00 PM and about 90 degrees, but not a single person was complaining. Lines to use the Porter-Potty restrooms were at least twenty-five people long, but many used this as an opportunity to catch up on all the dope music that had been playing earlier that day. There was constant movement between the stages, with fans stopping now and then to dance. The energy was vibrant. The lively environment was every hip-hop head’s dream. With world recognized DJs and radio personalities showing love for The Bay, the crowd was hyped. Underground artists complimented some of the big name performances that took place. Local artists like Beejus, Sahtyre, and Rexx Life Raj were proud to be performing along side the big name acts. “Fantasy Island” was the last song. Smiles filled the crowd and everyone left the event very eager for next year.

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