Narrative: Dramatic and Summary


We walked in and an elderly women greeted us with a finger pointing towards a far corner table. After having seated ourselves in the hole-in-the-wall, oriental restaurant, I looked at the pictures on the menu. With mismatched dining tables, chairs and wall colors, I couldn’t help but notice the floor was lain with about six different kinds of laminate flooring. The entire quad-fold menu was in Vietnamese. A friend recommended I get the number seven. Pho (pronounced Fuh) is a popular Asian,  noodle restaurant in San Jose. They are known for their incredibly big bowls of noodles, meats, and toppings such as onion, cilantro, lime, and mint. The number seven is “raw brisket”. Only about six minutes after ordering, our non-English speaking server brought us our humongous bowls of soup. He bowed, as he set the hot bowls in front of us. The savory broth’s steam made my mouth water. The red meats floated on top, slowly boiling to a brown color, while all the tasty toppings got mixed in with my chopsticks.

While the service was very laid back and not typically traditional for American culture, the food was excellent. Pho is a noodle soup with a meat-based broth. It is especially good with “plum sauce” and “siracha sauce”. If you like spicy, I recommend adding the red chili pepper sauce. Mint, lime, and sprouts add texture. The soup is wholeheartedly crafted. The people who work at the restaurant seemed like family members of the people who owned it. Very humble and quiet, yet accurate and tentative. While it isn’t the type of experience you would get at Oliver Garden, for six bucks a bowl, you can’t beat a huge serving of handmade authentic soup.

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