09/28/2016 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM Souls of Mischief “A Name I Call Myself” from “93 ’til infinity” on Jive Local

10:07PM The Grouch & Eligh “Teach Me the Way” from “Say G&E! (Deluxe Edition)” on G&E Music Local

10:11PM Zion I featuring Casual, Clyde Carson, San Quinn & Turf Talk “The Bay (Remix) [Bonus Track]” from “True & Livin'” on Live Up Records Local

10:15PM Traxamillion “Ain’t No Love (feat. Bless Ya’Soul, Ziggy, Waymond McKissick & Jacuzzi)” from “Ain’t No Love (feat. Bless Ya’Soul, Ziggy, Waymond McKissick & Jacuzzi)” Local

10:17PM Cam Gnarly “Cabbage” from “Cabbage – Single” on Cam Gnarly

10:19PM Caleborate “Options (feat. Pell & Sylvan Lacue)” from “1993” on TBKTR / EMPIRE Local

10:25PM Vince Staples “Prima Donna (feat. A$AP Rocky)” from “Prima Donna” on Face the Music LLC/No I.D./IDJ

10:28PM J. Lately “Shit Now ft. Space Cadet (prod. O.O.P.S.)” from “The Good Panda EP” Local

10:32PM Beejus “My Whole Team (feat. Mollybecoolin)” from “No Time But to Mob” (2016) on FreeSpirit Local

10:35PM Richie Cunning “Salute” from “The Bay Report Feb. 2014”

10:39PM Hieroglyhics “Let It Roll” from “Full Circle” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings Local

10:43PM Clyde Carson “Let’s Get It” from “Let’s Get It – Single” on Moe Doe Entertainment Local

10:46PM Lazy Boy “In My Hood” from “In My Hood”

10:50PM Ezale & DJ.Fresh “We Out Here” from “The Tonite Show with Ezale” on Fresh In The Flesh / Foreal Foreal Ent. Local

10:54PM Down 2 Earth “Powers ft. Simmi” from “wildfire” on Ineffable Records Local

11:02PM Asher Roth “Laundry (feat. Michael Christmas & Larry June)” from “Laundry (feat. Michael Christmas & Larry June) – Single” on Retrohash

11:05PM Atmosphere “Fishing Blues (feat. The Grouch)” from “Fishing Blues” on Rhymesayers – New Release

11:09PM Mick Jenkins “1000 Xans (feat. Themind)” from “The Healing Component” on Cinematic

11:12PM City Shawn “Keep Goin” from “Forever 2” on Family Money Records Local

11:16PM Traxamillion “This or That (feat. Flammy Marciano & Prince Mula)” from “The Tech Boom” (2016) on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local

11:18PM Living Legends “2010 (feat. 3MG)” from “Legendary Music” on Legendary Music, LLC Local

11:24PM Kamaiyah “Fuck It Up (ft. YG)” from “A Good Night in the Ghetto” (2016) on Kamaiyah Local

11:29PM Blu x Union Analogtronics “City Dreams (feat. Olivier Daysoul)” from “City Dreams (feat. Olivier Daysoul)”

11:31PM O.o.p.s. “4NMOBBY” from “something for Nothing” Local

11:35PM Del the Funky Homosapien & Tame One “Gaining Ground” from “Parallel Uni-Verses” on Gold Dust Local

11:42PM Pep Love “Can’t Nobody Do It Like Us (feat. Opio)” from “The Rigmarole” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Local

11:46PM Murs “Hip Hop and Love ft. Tabi Bonney” from “Love and Rockets Vol. 1”

11:48PM DOM KENNEDY “96 Cris” from “96 Cris”

11:51PM Waldo “Plaques (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)” from “Plaques (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)”

11:54PM Aesop Rock “None Shall Pass” from “None Shall Pass”

11:59PM Rey Res “Bounce (prod J. Sana & Rey Res)” from “Sweet Tooth Tony” (2016) Local

12:04AM SZA “Ur” from “Z” on Top Dawg Entertainment

12:08AM People Under the Stairs “SF Knights” from “SF Knights”

12:12AM Cola “Californiacation” from “Californiacation” Local

12:14AM Isaiah Rashad “Park” from “4r Da Squaw”

12:18AM Elujay “Onetime!” from “Onetime! – Single” on Onetime! Local

12:22AM Slum Village “Yes Yes (prod. J. Dilla)” from “Yes Yes (prod. J. Dilla)”

12:26AM MindsOne & DJ Iron “Follow the Light” from “Follow the Light” (2016) on Ill Adrenaline Records

12:30AM Rich Iyala (formally sayknowledge) “Art Goons ft. Cashius Green” from “Art Goons” Local

12:32AM Antwon “100k” from “100k – Single” (2016) on Anticon Local

12:36AM Sir Michael Rocks “Face Down ft. DJ Thunder” from “Face Down ft. DJ Thunder”

12:39AM Ve’ “Laid Back” from “Laid Back”

12:41AM Locksmith “Black Hole” from “Black Hole” Local

12:45AM Alex Wiley “Automatic (feat. Mick Jenkins)” from “Automatic (feat. Mick Jenkins) – Single” on Alex Wiley

12:49AM Sahtyre “G(OD) prod. Eureka The Butcher” from “G(OD) – Single” (2016) on The Order Label

12:53AM Black Milk “The Fix” from “The Fix”

12:57AM Traxamillion “Parolee (feat. Stocc, Ziggy & City Shawn)” from “The Tech Boom” (2016) on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local

01:01AM Clams Casino “All Nite (feat. Vince Staples)” from “32 Levels (Deluxe)” on Columbia

01:03AM IAMSU “Rock $Tar” from “6 Speed” Local

01:06AM Big Krit “Only One ft. Wiz Khalifa & Smoke DZA” from “K.R.I.T. (Sampler)”

01:11AM Kontraband Beatz “Out Here in the Bay (feat. Ab, Rydah J Klyde, Beeda Weeda, Equipto & Alma Rosae)” from “Out Here in the Bay (feat. Ab, Rydah J Klyde, Beeda Weeda, Equipto & Alma Rosae) – Single” Local

01:16AM Ron Jon Bovi “Caveman (feat. Phesto)” from “Neaux Mursi” (2016) on Independent Label Services Local

01:22AM J. Lately “One Time (prod. O.O.P.S.)” from “The Good Panda EP” Local

01:24AM Khary “Guitar Hero” from “intern aquarium.” (2016) on As We Arrive

01:29AM Skizzy Mars “What it Look Like” from “Alone Together” (2016) on PHM

01:31AM Russ “Do it Myself” from “Do it Myself”

01:36AM Common “Lovestar ft. Marsha Ambrosius & PJ” from “Lovestar ft. Marsha Ambrosius & PJ”

01:40AM Mac Miller “We ft. Cee-Lo Green” from “We ft. Cee-Lo Green”

01:46AM De La Soul “Trainwreck” from “and the Anonymous Nobody…” (2016) on A.O.I., LLC

01:50AM Fabes “Time Heals Everything (feat. Beejus & Mollie)” from “La vie en rose” on Higher Intelligence Music Group Local

01:54AM Azizi Gibson “DJ Khaled” from “A New Life” (2016) on 36BRICKHOUSE

01:57AM Reverse Live “Archie Hammers” from “Archie Hammers”

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