Interview & Write Up Assignment

One of my fellow classmates, Michael, is in all three of my English classes this semester. For the purpose of this assignment, we conducted a short interview about each other’s interests, hobbies, and academic plans.

Like most English Majors, when asked about his plans after graduation, Michael says, “I have no idea…” but says that he is interested in script-writing, fantasy, children’s stories and cartoons. His hobbies reflect his interests. He says, “I’m a real big nerd” and that he enjoys watching movies, playing video games, and reading.

I am always curious about music, so I had to ask Michael about what he listens to. The moment he said, “indie music” and “ambient instrumentals,” I had to let him know about SoundCloud and how easy it is to find new music on that site! He said his favorite band is “The Killers” and  suggested I take a second to listen to an entirely instrumental album called “Explosions of the Sky”.

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