“Dream Interview” Assignment

img_20160903_225334Picture by Deanna Boutte (Cukui Festival 2016)

IamSu (Sudan Ameer Williams) is a Bay Area rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer from Richmond, CA. With several studio albums, singles and mixtapes, IamSu has been known to work with artists such as  Tinashe, Sage the Gemini, Kehlani, Hit Boy, Wiz Khalifa, 2 Chainz, DJ Mustard, Casey Veggies, Lil B, G-Eazy, and the HBK Gang. In recent years, IamSu has merged from what fans saw as “underground” to a more mainstream representation. His newer tracks get played on radio stations like 106.1 KMEL and other Top 40/Hip-Hop stations in the Bay Area. Older tracks, from albums prior to 2013, were not generally played on mainstream radio. Some hit songs to have made it to Billboard Top 100 are: “Gas Pedal” by Sage The Gemini ft. IamSu, “Function” by E40 ft. IamSu, and “Famous” by IamSu ft. Dej Loaf and K Camp.

I would love an opportunity to interview IamSu because I have been a fan for such a long time. I have been to several shows of his, especially in the last few months. I have listened to almost every album and have memorized an abundance of song lyrics. IamSu has been extremely influential in Bay Area Hip-Hop and I would love to connect with him to find out what it’s been like to grow up in music through the Bay. I am witness to his progression and many others from the Bay Area, or those involved with independent Hip-Hop, are too. Now that IamSu is known world-wide, this interview would appeal to a lot of people across the globe that  like, or play his music!

Interview Questions:

  1. You did college radio. How did that effect your music career?
  2. As a producer, your beats are very distinct and identifiable. Do you ever try to change them up? Or do you prefer to keep the bass-heavy, 808, hyphy-sound that we are all used to hearing?
  3. Before your music career got to where it is now, who believed in you? Who was your support system?
  4. Hypothetically, if you were stranded on an island with only five albums–any five albums–which would they be?
  5. Thinking back on your whole career, what has been the most memorable experience you’ve had so far? Why does this stand out to you?

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