BEFORE: Inspired by the contemporary subculture of hipsters, our bohemian coffee concept can relate to the inner artist in all of us. This concept puts patrons in an environment that magnifies the fine details in beautiful objects. This subconscious experience serves to remind them of the craftsmanship and artistic values that goes into making their cup of coffee. Inspired by the clean and modern look of the information age, the concept, “happening”, aims to appeal to the young working professional, who enjoys a fun and healthy lifestyle. Our location features local artwork with clean aesthetics and local mellow music as well. The hint of playfulness acts as a reminder for Innovo’s patrons to pause for a moment in their busy lives, smile, and enjoy their cup of coffee and delicious pastry.


AFTER: Inspired by artistic trends, our bohemian coffee concept magnifies fine details in beautiful things. The experience reminds us of the art and craftsmanship that goes into preparing coffee. Inspired by the information age and young working professionals who enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle, our coffee shop features local artwork, music, and clean aesthetics. Innovo‘s playfulness reminds the Busy Coffee Lover to take a moment to smile and enjoy their delicious coffee or pastry.

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