07/17/2016 06:00PM to 10:00PM – “Fresh To Death”

06:01PM Clams Casino “All Nite (Ft. Vince Staples)” from “All Nite (ft. Vince Staples)”
06:04PM Jonwayne “That’s O.K.” from “That’s O.K. – Single” on Authors / The Order Label
06:05PM Headkrack “The Stick Up” from “The Stick Up”
06:12PM Antwon “100k” from “100k – Single” (2016) on Anticon
06:17PM Ve’ “Laid Back” from “Laid Back”
06:18PM Mistah Fab “Still Feelin It” from “Son Of A Pimp 2” (2016) Local
06:24PM Mac Dre x J-Diggs “Bonus Track” from “Me & My Cuddie” Local
06:27PM Traxamillion “Top Down ft. Zion I” from “The Slapp Addict” on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local
06:32PM Keak da Sneak “X2” from “Deified” on KOCH Records Local
06:35PM Living Legends “2010 (feat. 3MG)” from “Legendary Music” on Legendary Music, LLC Local
06:38PM Sir Michael Rocks “How Are You So Calm” from “Part 2” on 6 Cell Phones
06:42PM Chuwee & Tr1zz “Location Location ft. Sahtyre” from “AmeriKKa’s Most Blunted 2”
06:46PM DJ Fresh & Young Gully “How Many Times” from “David 2: Michaelangelo” Local
06:50PM Willie Joe “In It & On It” from “In It & On It” Local
06:56PM 1000Volts “I’m Gone (ft. Trae The Truth)” from “I’m Gone (ft. Trae The Truth)”
07:00PM Beejus “Right Bounce (feat. Oops)” from “Right Bounce (feat. Oops) – Single” on Beejus Local
07:04PM 6LACK “Loyal (prod. Singawd)” from “Loyal (prod. Singawd)”
07:07PM Rey Res “Bounce (prod J. Sana & Rey Res)” from “Bounce (prod J. Sana & Rey Res)” Local
07:14PM Caleborate “The Juice prod. Cal-A” from “The Juice – Single” (2016) on TBKTR Local
07:18PM Larry June “Game for You (feat. Chuck Inglish)” from “Game for You (feat. Chuck Inglish) – Single” on The Freeminded Local
07:23PM Sahtyre “G(OD) prod. Eureka The Butcher” from “G(OD) – Single” (2016) on The Order Label
07:26PM Zion I “Tech $” from “Tech $ – Single” on Mind Over Matter Local
07:30PM Ziggy & Yates “Take it There (prod. C-Note)” from “Take It There” Local
07:34PM Anderson .Paak “Come Down (prod. Hi-Tek)” from “Come Down (prod. Hi-Tek)”
07:36PM Mac Dre “How You Feel ft. Ike Dola & Keak Da Sneak” from “How You Feel ft. Ike Dola & Keak Da Sneak” Local
07:40PM Kool John & P-LO “On One (feat. Iamsu!)” from “Moovie!” on Moovie! Local
07:44PM The Barhemian “Stay Up All Night (ft. Young Savvy & Mejon)” from “Stay Up All Night (ft. Young Savvy & Mejon)” Local
07:48PM The Gatlin “No Shade (ft. Clyde Carson)” from “No Shade (ft. Clyde Carson)”
07:53PM J. Lately “Closer (prod. by Fabes)” from “Closer (prod. by Fabes)” Local
07:57PM The Mekanix “I’m Still Here (ft. The Jacka & C-Bo)” from “I’m Still Here (ft. The Jacka & C-Bo)” Local
08:02PM Clyde Shankle “Coins (ft. Azure & Franco$)” from “Coins (ft. Azure & Franco$)” Local
08:04PM Vic Mensa “16 Shots” from “16 Shots – Single”
08:08PM Doomtree “Spill Me Up” from “Spill Me Up – Single” on Doomtree Records, LLC
08:12PM Rexx Life Raj “Moxie Java (feat. Nef The Pharaoh)” from “Moxie Java (feat. Nef the Pharaoh) – Single” on Dead At 27 Local
08:16PM Young Bari “Few Dollas (ft. Keak da Sneak)” from “Few Dollas (feat. Keak da Sneak) – Single” on M.O.B. Local
08:20PM IAMSU “Don’t Stop” from “Suzy 6 Speed” Local
08:23PM Mac Dre “G.A.M.E. ft. B-Legit” from “G.A.M.E. ft. B-Legit” Local
08:26PM Problem & Iamsu! “Knock That Off” from “Million Dollar Afro (Deluxe Edition)” on HBK Gang / Diamond Lane Music Group, LLC Local
08:30PM Keak da Sneak “That Go” from “Deified” on KOCH Records Local
08:33PM Zion I “The Bay” from “The Bay” Local
08:37PM Sumthin Terrible “1 Hunit (feat. Messy Marv)” from “Sumthin Terrible Presents “U Stupid”” on Stupid Ent Local
08:40PM Khalid “Let’s Go (prod. Hiko Momoji & OZ)” from “Let’s Go (prod. Hiko Momoji & OZ)”
08:50PM Craig White “Paper Chase (prod. by Koast)” from “Paper Chase (prod. by Koast)” Local
08:52PM Caleborate “08 (Carter Flow)” from “08 (Carter Flow) – Single” on TBKTR Local
09:02PM Cousin Stizz “Gain Green” from “Gain Green – Single” on RCA Records Label
09:05PM Show Banga “How We Rock (ft. Iamsu)” from “How We Rock (ft. Iamsu)” Local
09:08PM Masta Ace “Y.B.I. (Young Black & Intelligent)” from “Y.B.I. (Young Black & Intelligent)”
09:13PM Towkio “G W M (ft. Vic Mensa)” from “Gang with Me (feat. Vic Mensa) – Single” on Towkio LLC
09:17PM Clams Casino “All Nite (Ft. Vince Staples)” from “All Nite (ft. Vince Staples)”
09:20PM Beejus & Oops “Trouble” from “Trouble” Local
09:28PM Ve’ “Laid Back” from “Laid Back”
09:31PM Mac Dre “Andre N Andre (ft. Andre Nickatina)” from “Pill Clinton” Local
09:34PM Antwon “100k” from “100k”
09:37PM Chuck Inglish “Keith Sweat (feat. Sulaiman & DJ Izzo)” from “Keith Sweat (feat. Sulaiman & DJ Izzo)”
09:41PM Sir Michael Rocks “How Are You So Calm” from “Part 2” on 6 Cell Phones
09:45PM Reks “Jump Shots (prod. Buckwild)” from “Jump Shots (prod. Buckwild)”
09:49PM Hodgy Beats “Kobain (prod. by Nottz)” from “Kobain (prod. by Nottz)”
09:52PM Black Milk “The Fix” from “The Fix”
09:57PM Waldo “Something U Forgot” from “Something U Forgot”

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