Chuuwee & Trizz – “Location Location” ft. Sahtyre Music Video

It was so dope to get to be a part of the making of this video! After a successful on-air interview with Chuuwee, Trizz and Sahtyre on LaTor’s show, The Marauder, we headed to Abeltron’s house to smoke a few blunts, as we usually do. The whole crew slide through, including Shiva Diva and StrongArm. We rolled up, put a few in the air , and before we even realized, we were all a part of this smoke sesh turned music video.

Other clips of the video were shot around the SJSU campus and surrounding streets. The Spartan Park & Ride even got a moment in the spotlight and Trizz rocked a SJSU hoodie. HUGE PROPS for giving  college radio so much love.

Go get AmeriKKKa’s Most Blunted 2, in stores NOW!

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