06/29/2016 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM Keak da Sneak “Super Hyphy (Original)” from “Super Hyphy (Original)” Local
10:04PM Yates “Afford This Life (Prod. C-Note)” from “Afford This Life (Prod. C-Note)” Local
10:07PM Kool John x P-LO “Blue Hunnids” from “Moovie!!!” Local
10:12PM J. Lately “Closer (prod by Fabes)” from “Closer (prod by Fabes)” Local
10:17PM J. Diggs “Connected” from “Treal TV Vol. 2” Local
10:23PM Traxamillion “Top Down ft. Zion I” from “The Slapp Addict” on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local
10:25PM Mistah Fab “Still Feelin it'” from “Son Of A Pimp 2” (2016) Local
10:29PM Mac Dre “How You Feel ft. Ike Dola & Keak Da Sneak” from “How You Feel ft. Ike Dola & Keak Da Sneak” Local
10:33PM E40 “Sideways ft. B-Legit” from “In a Major Way” Local
10:39PM Mozzy “Pain Killers (feat. E Mozzy)” from “Mandatory Check” on Mozzy Records Local
10:42PM Rey Res “Who (Prod. J. Sana & Rey Res)” from “Who” (2016) Local
10:48PM Living Legends “2010 (feat. 3MG)” from “Legendary Music” on Legendary Music, LLC Local
10:53PM Ve’ “Laid Back” from “Laid Back”
10:55PM San Quinn “San Francisco Anthem (feat. Big Rich and Boo Banga)” from “Slap House, Vol. 2 Starring Rydah J Klyde” on P.M.E. Local
11:02PM Take Money “They Choosin’ (feat. the Jacka)” from “The Eastside Show, Vol. 1” on Take Money Ent., LLC Local
11:06PM Rexx Life Raj “The Joog” from “The Joog – Single” on Rexx Life Local
11:08PM The Mekanix “I’m Still Here (feat. The Jacka & C-Bo)” from “I’m Still Here (feat. The Jacka & C-Bo)” Local
11:12PM Da Evangillest “Another One” from “Quit Ya Day Job” on Money Maker Entertainment/ All Elements Music Group Local
11:17PM Keak da Sneak “X2” from “Deified” on KOCH Records Local
11:19PM Kool John x P-LO “On One ft. IamSu!” from “Moovie!!!” Local
11:24PM Chuuwee & Tr1zz “$ and Bitches” from “Amerikka’s Most Blunted 2” on Below System – BS-020 Local
11:28PM Traxamillion “From the Hood (feat. Husalah, The Jacka & San Quinn)” from “From the Hood (feat. Husalah, The Jacka & San Quinn) – Single” on Slapp Addict Productions LLC Local
11:32PM Beejus “Right Bounce (feat. Oops)” from “Right Bounce (feat. Oops) – Single” on Beejus Local
11:37PM The Husalah “Wild Nyte (feat. Mac Dre & the Mob Figaz)” from “Tha Furly Ghost, Vol. 3” Local
11:41PM Down 2 Earth “Max Effect” from “wildfire” on Ineffable Records Local
11:46PM People Under the Stairs “Acid Raindrops” from “Acid Raindrops – EP” on Om Records
11:50PM AB of YH “My Own Hype” from “My Own Hype” Local
11:54PM Aesop Rock “Syrup ft. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle” from “Syrup ft. Homeboy Sandman & Open Mike Eagle”
11:57PM Maylay Sparks “In the Green (feat. Chuck Rukkuz)” from “The Rebel’s Renaissance” on Below System Records
12:02AM The Grouch “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” from “Bay to L.A. (ft. Murs)” Local
12:05AM Duckwrth “Bernal Heights” from “Bernal heights”
12:11AM Royce Da 5’9 “T.D.M.T.L.T.A.” from “T.D.M.T.L.T.A.”
12:15AM ST Spittin “Scared Money (feat. Iamsu! & Kool John)” from “Scared Money (feat. Iamsu! & Kool John)” Local
12:18AM Opps “Been Mobbin'” from “#freespirit” Local
12:23AM AP.9 “Let This Song Cry (Jacka Tribute)” from “Let This Song Cry (Jacka Tribute)” Local
12:28AM J.Lately “Breathe (feat. Shark Sinatra)” from “Let’s Just Be Friends” on The Unusual Suspects Company Local
12:31AM E40 “Slappin (ft. Nef the Pharaoh & D.R.A.M.)” from “Slappin (ft. Nef the Pharaoh & D.R.A.M.)” Local
12:35AM Sir Michael Rocks “How Are You So Calm” from “Part 2” on 6 Cell Phones
12:39AM Flatbush Zombies “Bounce” from “3001: A Laced Oddessy” (2016) on Glourious Dead Recordings
12:45AM Chuck Inglish & Blended Babies “Gun (feat. Asher Roth)” from “Gun (feat. Asher Roth)” (2016) Local
12:48AM Zion I “Tech $” from “Tech $ – Single” on Mind Over Matter Local
12:52AM Towkio “G W M (ft. Vic Mensa)” from “Gang with Me (feat. Vic Mensa) – Single” on Towkio LLC
12:58AM Slum Village “We On The Go ft. Black Milk & Frank Nitt” from “We On The Go ft. Black Milk & Frank Nitt”
01:02AM C Plus “Don’t Worry About Me” from “Don’t Worry About Me” Local
01:06AM Clyde Shankle “Coins (ft. Azure & Franco$)” from “Coins (ft. Azure & Franco$)” Local
01:09AM Vince Staples “Norf Norf” from “Summertime ’06” on Face the Music LLC/No I.D./IDJ
01:12AM Kool John “Ahh Shit Gah Damn! (ft. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu!)” from “Ahh Shit Gah Damn! (ft. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu!)” (2016) on HBK Gang Local
01:15AM Beejus x Oops “Trouble” from “Trouble” Local
01:18AM Traxamillion “Mood RN (ft. Flammy Marciano)” from “Mood RN (ft. Flammy Marciano)” (2016) Local
01:25AM Young Gully “No Way” from “No Way” Local
01:28AM Berner “Changes (feat. Mistah F.A.B.)” from “Changes (feat. Mistah F.A.B.) – Single” on Bern One Entertainment Local
01:34AM The Grouch & Eligh “Do It Again (feat. DJ Fresh)” from “Say G&E! (Deluxe Edition)” on G&E Music Local
01:37AM Craig White x Cola “H8rs” from “H8rs” Local
01:39AM Chuck Inglish “2003 (feat. Grey Sweatpants)” from “2003 (feat. Grey Sweatpants) – Single” on Sounds Like Fun Records
01:43AM The Barhemian “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” from “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” on 665 Mu$ic Local
01:46AM De La Soul “Pain (feat. Snoop Dogg)” from “Pain (feat. Snoop Dogg)” Local
01:52AM Yates x Bless Ya’Soul x RJxV “Pure” from “Pure” Local
01:55AM The Mekanix “Abandonment (feat. Mozzy & Philthy Rich)” from “Under the Hood” on Zoo Entertainment Local
01:58AM Rexx Life Raj “Young Wardell” from “Father Figure” on Rexx Life Local

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