05/18/2016 10:00PM to 02:00AM

10:01PM Beejus x Oops “Trouble” from “Trouble” Local
10:05PM Towkio “Gang with Me (feat. Vic Mensa)” from “Gang with Me (feat. Vic Mensa) – Single” on Towkio LLC
10:09PM Kool John “Ahh Shit Gah Damn! (ft. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu!)” from “Ahh Shit Gah Damn! (ft. Snoop Dogg & Iamsu!)” Local
10:12PM Azure “?????? (ft. Iamsu!)” from “leap year” on Friend Card Local
10:14PM Murs & 9th Wonder “No Shots ft. Mac Miller, Vinny Radio, Franchise, & Choo Jackson” from “Brighter Daze”
10:22PM Royce Da 5’9 “Wait” from “Layers”
10:25PM Domo Genesis “Go (Gas) [feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Tyler, The Creator]” from “genesis” on Odd Future
10:29PM Opio & Free the Robots “Let the Bass Go” from “The Subconscious Mind – EP” on Pinky Up Records
10:41PM C Plus “Hell Nah (Bonus Track)” from “Method 2 tha Madness”
10:39PM Phife Dawg “Nutshell (prod. J. Dilla)” from “Nutshell (prod. J. Dilla)”
10:43PM Curren$y “Chill” from “Chill”
10:46PM Mac Dre “L.A. 2 Da Bay” from “Mac Dre Presents: The Rompalation” (1996) on Romp Records Local
10:51PM Chance The Rapper “Angels (ft Saba)” from “Angels (ft Saba)”
10:55PM Mathaius Young “All I Know” from “All I Know”
11:01PM Zion I “Juicy Juice” from “The Take Over (Bonus Video Version)” on Gold Dust
11:05PM The Grouch & Eligh “!Boom!” from “Say G&E” Local
11:10PM Sir Michael Rocks “How Are You So Calm” from “How Are You So Calm”
11:12PM Craig White “Lit” from “Lit” Local
11:16PM Rey Res “In The Cut (prod. J. Sana)” from “In The Cut (prod. J. Sana)” Local
11:18PM B legit “Gotta Buy Dope from Us” from “M.O.B” Local
11:24PM Mac Dre “Clap” from “Best of Mac Dre Vol. 3” Local
11:29PM Andre Nickatina “My Name Is Money” from “KHAN! The Me Generation” on Fillmoe Coleman Records Local
11:31PM C Plus “Knock” from “Rentals”
11:34PM Chuuwee & Trizz “Location, Location (feat. Sahtyre)” from “AmeriKKa’s Most Blunted 2” on Below System Records
11:37PM Flatbush Zombies “Bounce” from “3001: A Laced Odyssey” (2016) on Glorious Dead Recordings
11:43PM Young Gullly “No Way” from “No Way” Local
11:46PM Slum Village “Too Much (feat. Keely)” from “Too Much (feat. Keely)”
11:50PM Jarren Benton “Tee In The Church ft. Locksmith & Joyner Lucas” from “Tee In The Church ft. Locksmith & Joyner Lucas”
11:56PM Hieroglyhics “All Things” from “Third Eye Vision” on Hieroglyphics Imperium Recordings Local
11:59PM J Dilla “The Introducton” from “The Introducton”
12:03AM Sahtyre “Base” from “LSD (Saga)” on The Order Label
12:06AM ZIGGY “Mexican (prod by C-Note)” from “Mexican (prod by C-Note)” Local
12:09AM Cola “Tomorrow (feat. Rey Res)” from “Tomorrow (feat. Rey Res)” Local
12:13AM Matty Slims “Floatin” from “Floatin – Single” on High Esteem Studio Local
12:16AM Big K.R.I.T. “Cadillactica” from “Cadillactica”
12:20AM Kaytranada & Anderson .Paak “Glowed Up” from “Glowed Up”
12:25AM Vic Mensa “All That Shines” from “All that Shines”
12:30AM Pac Div “Automatic (prod. Swiff D)” from “Automatic (prod. Swiff D)”
12:34AM Curren$y “Life Under the Scope” from “Pilot Talk” on DD172 LLC / IDJ
12:37AM Del the Funky Homosapien “Get It Right Now” from “Get It Right Now”
12:41AM Living Legends “Trojan Horse” from “Trojan Horse” Local
12:45AM Larry June “Game for You (feat. Chuck Inglish)” from “Game for You (feat. Chuck Inglish) – Single” on The Freeminded Local
12:49AM People Under the Stairs “San Francisco Knights” from “San Francisco Knights”
12:55AM Kendrick Lamar “Untitled 07” from “Untitled Unmastered”
01:03AM Eligh “That’s My Seat ft. Locksmith” from “That’s My Seat ft. Locksmith”
01:07AM Beejus “Right Bounce (feat. Oops)” from “Right Bounce (feat. Oops) – Single” on Beejus Local
01:11AM Louis B. “12:00 (ft. Prince Sole)” from “12:00 (ft. Prince Sole)”
01:17AM Funkadelic “Ain’t That Funkin Kinda Hard on You? feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube” from “Ain’t That Funkin Kinda Hard on You? feat. Kendrick Lamar & Ice Cube”
01:22AM Erk the Jerk “Monumental” from “monumental”
01:26AM Zion I x Locksmith “Culture Freedom (feat. Locksmith)” from “Culture Freedom (feat. Locksmith)”
01:33AM Kamaiyah “Hows Does It Feel” from “Hows Does It Feel – Single” on Kamaiyah Local
01:36AM C Plus “Die Today” from “Die Today”
01:38AM DJ Quik x Problem “Straight to the City With it” from “Rosecrans”
01:44AM The Grouch & Murs “Bay to LA” from “Back to the Bay”
01:47AM Mac Dre “Not My Job” from “Not My Job”
01:50AM Atmosphere “Fireflies (feat. Grieves)” from “Fireflies (feat. Grieves) – Single” on Rhymesayers
01:55AM Royce Da 5’9 “T.D.M.T.L.T.A.” from “T.D.M.T.L.T.A.”
01:58AM The Barhemian “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” from “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” Local
01:58AM The Barhemian “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” from “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” Local

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