03/05/2016 2:00 AM to 6:00 AM

02:01AM Oops “4NMobby” from “Something For Nothing” Local
02:04AM The Barhemian “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” from “Combo List (feat. Zero Luck & Matty Slims)” Local
02:08AM City Shawn “Keep Goin” from “Forever 2” on Family Money Records Local
02:14AM Chuck Inglish “Fuck Yo Couch (feat. Insomniac Lamb$)” from “Everybody’s Big Brother” on Sounds Like Fun Records
02:15AM Asher Roth “That’s Cute (prod. Chuck Inglish)” from “That’s Cute – Single” on Asher Roth
02:17AM Vince Staples “Senorita” from “Summertime ’06” on Face the Music LLC/No I.D./IDJ
02:23AM Sir Michael Rocks “Francois” from “Banco” on 6 Cell Phones
02:26AM Rexx Life Raj “Moxie Java (feat. Nef The Pharaoh)” from “Moxie Java (feat. Nef The Pharaoh)” Local
02:32AM Jay Rock “Vice City (feat. Black Hippy)” from “90059” (2015) on Top Dawg Entertainment
02:36AM Big Krit “Shakem Off (ft. Ludacris & K Camp)” from “It’s Better This Way”
02:40AM Bambu “Like Jay-Z (feat. Cwitch)” from “Sun of a Gun” on Beatrock Music LLC
02:46AM Beejus “Right Bounce (feat. Oops)” from “Right Bounce (feat. Oops) – Single” on Beejus Local
02:50AM Busta Rhymes “In the Streets (feat. MF Doom & BJ the Chicago Kid)” from “In the Streets (feat. MF Doom & BJ the Chicago Kid)”
02:56AM E-40 “Slappin (feat. Nef the Pharaoh & D.R.A.M.)” from “Slappin – Single” on Heavy On The Grind Ent. Local
03:02AM IAMSU “Bandz (ft. Jay Ant)” from “Bandz (ft. Jay Ant)” Local
03:02AM ZIGGY “Dreday” from “Hurry Up And Buy” Local
03:07AM The Jacka & Berner “Whole Thang (feat. Cormega)” from “Whole Thang (feat. Cormega)” Local
03:13AM Rey Res “Keep It G (ft. Rich Iyala & Gi)” from “Keep It G (ft. Rich Iyala & Gi)” Local
03:15AM Chuck Inglish “Super Squad (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)” from “Super Squad (ft. Sir Michael Rocks)”
03:22AM Aka Frank x Iamsu! “Fire Up (ft. C Plus)” from “Fire Up (ft. C Plus)” Local
03:27AM Oops “Been Mobbin” from “Been Mobbin” Local
03:30AM Asher Roth “Sushi (ft. Fat Tony)” from “Sushi (ft. Fat Tony)”
03:35AM Young Gully “Move Like This” from “Final Destination EP” Local
03:37AM Pac Div “Sneakerboxes (feat. Chip Gnarley & Big Sik)” from “GMB (Deluxe Edition)” on RBC Records
03:42AM Mistah F.A.B “Fake Ones (ft. AOne, Stevie Joe & Remy Red)” from “Fake Ones (ft. AOne, Stevie Joe & Remy Red)”
03:45AM Craig White x Cola “H8rs” from “H8rs” Local
03:49AM Sayknowledge “Heem!” from “Vibe Called Quest” on Heavy Keys Records Local
03:52AM Locksmith “10KONDRMS” from “Lofty Goals” on Landmark Entertainment Local
03:58AM Mac Miller “When in Rome” from “GO:OD AM” on Warner Bros.
03:58AM Mozzy “Still Here (Ft. Philthy Rich & J. Stalin)(Prod. TD Slaps)” from “Still Here (Ft. Philthy Rich & J. Stalin)(Prod. TD Slaps)” Local
04:05AM Rexx Life Raj “Gucci Mane (Sauce)” from “Dreamland: Telegraph Ave.” on Dead At 27 Local
04:09AM City Shawn “Espn (feat. Ziggy & Taj Withers)” from “East (Deluxe Edition)” on Family Money Records Local
04:17AM Outkast “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” from “Aquemini” on Arista/LaFace Records
04:18AM Souls of Mischief “’93 ‘Til Infinity” from “’93 ‘Til Infinity”
04:27AM Lauryn Hill “Lost Ones” from “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill”
04:28AM A Tribe Called Quest “Keeping It Moving” from “beats, rhymes, and life”
04:31AM B-legit “Gotta Buy Dope from Us” from “The Hemp Museum” on Jive Local
04:35AM Mobb Deep “Shook Ones, Pt. 2” from “Hip-Hop Golden Age, Vol. 9 (The Greatest Songs of the 90’s)” on StreetBangerz
04:39AM 2Pac “Keep Ya Head Up” from “Keep Ya Head Up”
04:41AM Nas “One Mic” from “One Mic”
04:49AM Mac Dre “One Mo’ Gin ft. Smoov-E” from “Pill Clinton: The Relapse Sampler” Local
05:00AM Wu-Tang Clan “Can It Be All So Simple” from “Enter the 37th Chamber”
05:01AM KRS-ONE and Buckshot “Robot” from “Survival Skills”
05:03AM Hieroglyhics “Let It Roll” from “Full Circle” Local
05:07AM Logic “Tree of Life ( ft. Slug & Killer Mike)” from “Tree of Life ( ft. Slug & Killer Mike)”
05:09AM Sahtyre “Expertise (ft. Danny Brown)” from “Expertise (ft. Danny Brown)”
05:13AM Zero Luck “Drugs” from “Drugs” Local
05:25AM Vince Staples “Stuck in My Ways” from “Stuck in My Ways”
05:26AM Pac Div “Automatic (prod. Swiff D)” from “Automatic (prod. Swiff D)”
05:28AM Chuck Inglish “2003 (feat. Grey Sweatpants)” from “2003 (feat. Grey Sweatpants) – Single” on Sounds Like Fun Records
05:32AM ThatFool Al “Played Out” from “Played Out” Local
05:40AM C-Note & Ziggy “F.N.S. (feat. C Plus)” from “Keep It Simple” on Westacy Entertainment/Open University
05:42AM Iamsu! “Hipster Girls (Bonus Track)” from “Sincerely Yours (Bonus Track Version)” on Heart Break Gang Local
05:47AM Beejus “You Know It’s Real (feat. Champlu)” from “Freespirit: The Album” on Beejus Local
05:50AM Nef Tha Pharoah “Mobbin” from “Nef Tha Pharoah EP” Local
05:55AM Craig White “Bae (ft. City Shawn)” from “Bae (ft. City Shawn)” on Independent Local
05:56AM Young Gully “We Deep (feat. Rayven Justice & Philthy Rich)” from “Bermuda, Pt. 3: Human” on YHTM (Young Hustla Team Muzik) Local

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