Straight Outta Oakland: FreeSpirit Fest 2

A few weeks ago, The Legionnaire Saloon in Oakland, CA, was rocking with new, underground music at the FreeSprirt Fest Two. Beejus, Anthony Dragons, Opps, and a few other emerging artists performed for a sold-out crowd. The event was full of positive energy and uplifting vibes as each performer got on stage and killed their set. KSJS listeners are probably familiar with the songs, “Old School Mackin” and “Too Much Slap,” which were performed with much excitement as the audience fed off the FreeSpirit energy.

With all this mention of “FreeSpirit,” listeners and supporters might be wondering what it is all about. Luckily, I was able to ask Beejus myself. His response:

FreeSpirit began as a way for me to easily explain my all-over-the-place-style of making music. I’m influenced by all different genres and styles of music/lyrics and I feel that bleeds through with the different styles of songs I put out. On top of that, I’m a very open minded, care-free, and fun-experience seeking person so it fits perfectly. As you know, the word Free Spirit isn’t a word I made up, but I’m owning it, in my own right.

Not only as an explanation for his unique style, but The FreeSpirit Movement is a state of being. At the show, Beejus made sure to repeatedly thank his fans. He even went so far as to say he would give the shirt off his back to anyone that needed it. When I asked what he wanted his listeners to know, or if he had any advice for his followers, he showed immense gratitude for the love and support he receives. He said that the statement, “I wouldn’t be able to do it without you” is “so real to me [because] I was in a bad place not too long ago and all the positive reinforcement I’ve gotten from my fans was the sole thing that got me out of it.” He continued, “And advice… Hmm. I’d say to work hard. At whatever it is you are passionate about. Love and believe in yourself. Also never feel less than the great person you know you are. And keep your spirit Free!”

Clearly, the FreeSpirit Movement is on the rise. Make sure you check out Beejus’ new album, “FreeSpirit: The Album,” which is available at now.

2015-09-28 19.10.34

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